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We are a new Handbuilt Guitar company in Denmark making 4 & 5 string Bass guitars. In the line we make a wonderful Guitar solid body and the most amazing Hollowbody Jazz guitar B- ES 75 All to be presented in 2018. Built with Love for you
We are the new Burns London guitars dealer in Denmark, with more than 30 new and also super fine used models ready for you, all set up for gig or as an investment! Many Burns parts and merchandise, caps, straps, Coffe mugs, original string set.
The new line to our webshop is the most fantastic Revelation Guitar, made with great precision for the PRO musician, at a price you will love. Representing Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.
Look for our big stock of other great guitars, Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, Ibanez and many others.
High quality parts and strings from Schaller, Optima and other quality brands.
We repair, adjust and trade old guitars too.
Call for appointment and demonstration +45 24608245 3320 Skævinge 40 min from Copenhagen Mail: bs@bjarne-spens.dk



Spens Guitars Denmark, Denmark

Spens Guitars v/ Bjarne Spens


Præstehøjvej 10 DK

3320 Skævinge

Tlf. +45 24608245 

 Opening by apointment, Please call.

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