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A J Lucas Luthier - Obelisk Semi

Semi solid electric guitar. The body is constructed from thin top and back plates with bent sides all in yew with a solid centre block of poplar. The neck is sycamore (acer pseudoplatanus) and the fingerboard and bindings are 5300-year-old bog oak. All the woods are native English ones.

The pickups are P90 design, hand wound by myself and individually voiced for the bridge and neck positions.The machine heads are Gotoh 510s and the bridge is a wrap-around Schaller Signum. 

The guitar has a scale length of 650mm (25.6") and a zero fret. The fingerboard has a 12" radius.

The finish is oil and the guitar comes with a Hiscox ProII case.

Price is ex. shipping. Please inquire for shipping quote to your destination.

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