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80s' American Showster Guitars SHEVY AS-57 CLASSIC, Turquoise, like the tailfin of a ´57 Chevy, operational chromed tailfin brake-light assembly, All original EX+

American Showster first gained recognition in the guitar market with the introduction of its '57 tail fin-shaped guitars in the mid-to-late '80s, and then later with its metal-loaded guitars, which used metal inside of the guitar bodies to add extra sustain. What has always set American Showster guitars apart tonally is their creative use of metal to enhance the guitars' inherent sound and sustain qualities. Compared with the '57 tail fin guitar, the Icepick is a much more conventional-looking instrument, but it still reflects the company's automotive motif and also uses metal to augment the guitar's sound.

First Edition (Not Reissue!)

 American Showster 1984-1986

The original American Showster "company got started in about 1984 in Maplewood NJ. It was started by Rick Excellente, who was originally from the Jersey Shore. I worked at the Maplewood store front, building the 57 Chevy guitars until we moved to Palisades Park NJ, into a factory setting. The Maplewood store as a regular music store. I also did repairs and stuff like that there. He closed the store on Springfield Ave at that time. About that time Kramer started distribution. Rick was friends with them and they painted the very first Chevy prototypes. The first couple was hand caved by an artist in South Jersey, who's name escapes me at the moment. Also around the time we moved to Palisades Park I started designing a more standard looking guitar that would be easier to build, and still utilize Rick's patents on the metal loading. These became the American Showster Kramer guitars. I left the company right before they were released and didn't see them until I was reading a Musicians's Friend catalog!

Rick was not a good businessman, and eventually he must have lost his patents to the new owners, Bill Meeker and David Haines. Those Chevy guitars looked very different from the originals. They also did the gas tank guitar, which was not one of the original designs.
So a lot of the Chevy guitars were made by Rick, or whom ever he could get to work for him (until he neglected to pay them, as he did with me). I left and started SGD Lutherie with John Gagliano who also worked at Showster. I have another old friend who worked there as well before I was there.

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