Amplificazioni Lombardi / 2 By 12 Inch Speakers / 1978 / Amp For Sale

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Amplificazioni Lombardi 2 By 12 Inch Speakers 1978
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Unlike Italian vintage guitars, famous for being whacky or bizarre, Italian vintage amps are famous for their outstanding engineering and sound. Lombardi is still around and they build boutique amps and sound systems. That is why this amp was riconditioned with original parts still available from the factory. 

Rome Vintage Guitars, Italy  

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Leonello Bobo
Fender, Gibson, Martin, Eko etc
Italian & English
Vintage Guitars
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Rome Vintage Guitars is located in beautiful Rome and is run by Leonello Bobò.

Buying a guitar through Internet is like getting married by mail. Problems tipically arise as soon as the loved one arrives. To avoid all this, hop on that low-cost flight, steal a car or get on a train and come to Rome, where all roads lead. Come to Trastevere, the very heart of it, your girlfriend will love it too . Buying takes money and research and testing, no shortcuts. Photos?  Hey, do you want to get married by mail?

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