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'Oh my. What a masterpiece from Thierry André'  -Copenhagen fine guitars


Sun, Moon, and Vibrations (part 1) 

Thierry André - Andre Instruments no.105

-Elongated Bowl-back acoustic guitar, w/custom boom stand and custom flight case.

Materials: American poplar, Alaska red cedar, Adirondak red spruce, Sitka spruce, West african ebony, dyed koto, sugar maple, Kasagami japanese paper, unbleached cow bone, ceramic, titanium, steel, nickel silver, aluminum, hide glue, aliphatic glue, epoxy, linseed and tung oil, copal, 23.75 karat shell gold, steel wire, bronze wire.

Instrument dimensions: 119 x 34 x 15 cm

From the back, this guitar might hint some (elongated) modern Steve Klein shape, while from the front, the outlined soundboard element is as traditional and cute as the guitars where in the 1900's. Timeless is one word that has great affinity with Andre's works, and this creation is no exception.

Sound : From a sound perspective, there is this historical root sound that the guitar renders, with a more modern, much fuller voice than (Parlor's, -OOO's) smaller instruments.
-Besides the fact that it rivals with any acoustic guitar out there, this guitar has unbelievable sustain qualities... and its sound has the imprint of one of an electric guitar unplugged, only much louder! From the 3 short Souncloud demos you can hear it through a basic H2N mic.

-It is amazing! I hear the kinship with Red Dot, though the electric-level sustain and the interior voices singing give it an expansive quality. And when the overtones combine at the end of a strummed chord it is cosmic, truly embodying its name! It must feel good to have it complete and in the world. -Killick Hinds

Design: The instrument features a sound -box- that couples with its top plate on the same plane (where a tail block would normally lie, the bowl meets the soundboard on its plane @ lower bout) making the top-plate actually longer...staging the strings in a longer (bass response) vibration while maintaining ergonomy of play. 
-To experience this guitar is a must for to understand its unique shape and balance. The convex -bowl- portion is completely behind you, wile its concave mid-section hugs your tummy while you play.

-This ergonomic setup came from an acoustic quest as a basic idea: to form a box equivalent to a Dreadnought-sized guitar in terms of air volume, in a format easier to hold.

Build pics/demo: in the video, and audio on soundcloud: 

Scale length: inches 25.4 (645mm)
Neck width std. @ nut 1.75 inches (45mm)
String spacing at bridge std. @ 2.125 inches (57mm)
Body width lower bout: inches 13.4 (34 cm)
Body length total: inches 26.75 (6.8 cm)
Body depth upper bout: inches 3.5 (8.9 cm)
Body depth lower bout: inches 6.0 (15 cm)
Pickup: Internal acoustic pickup (no battery needed), K&K Sounds, pure mini model, w/switchcraft output jack, electrosocket reinforced jack mount, and fully shielded wires.

 All master grade, quarter-cut, 20 year old minimum age, straight grained materials.

Instrument features:
-Hand carved, calibrated, elongated bowl-back soundbox, w/concave ergonomic mid-body cut, and slanted cutaway access.
-Hand-split soundboard bracing materials, w/soundboard voiced as per André.
-Hard Sitka spruce and ebony neck, with titanium rods reinforcements, and one adjustable 2-way steel truss rod. Open headstock w/Brushed aluminum Schertler tuners.
-Epoxy, copal resin & linseed oil proprietary finish (top and neck), w/ translucent gold polished traditional nitrocellulose laquer on body.

Art-Factor/Historic value: -One-off piece, referring to André's unique body of work (Oudtar, Raga, Po, Guitare-Fruit) and 19 year-long artistic practice.

- Your instruments have not only a unique artistic concept but the sounds are also unique. The natural reverberations elicit different emotions than just a mere guitar is capable of. Fine work Sir, you are an artist at all levels!  -Bob Willcutt, Wilcutt Guitars

Lifetime warranty on this item by Thierry André - Lac-Drolet, Quebec, Canada - 

Instrument sold

Andre Instruments, Canada  

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Thierry André
André Instruments
english - french
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The unique works created by Thierry Andre combine the expression of a traditional and impeccable craftsmanship with the freer approach to artistic work. 
A specialist of the steel string acoustic guitar, his body of works also reflects his love for the electric, -archtop-, and historical instruments. 
His experience allows him to use a wide spectrum of data to provide the guitarist with a voice of his own, an instrument that inspires him on a daily basis. 
This sound expression materializes as needed through the use of new forms related to proven bases. His guitars have a distinctive and timeless character, displaying visual attributes of the past / present, and, in a way, are a materialization of this state of mindfulness practiced through (music) daily and sustained work. 
A one-man operation, he has produced, on average, 5 to 6 unique pieces each year since 1999.


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