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Flamed Maple 16" archtop

All the darker wood is Brazilian Rosewood

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Arrenbie Guitars, Belgium  

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Ralph Bonte
Arrenbie Guitars
English, German, French
Soprano ukulele, Resonator, Classical guitar, Flat-top (steel-string) guitar, 12-string flat-top guitar, Archtop guitar, Resonator (resophonic or Dobro) guitar, Bass (electric bass) guitars
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I was born in Bruges (Belgium) in 1965, where I still live with my wife Janne and two children, Faye and Ralph Junior. Trained in psychology I work in a psychiatric hospital.Musically I'm self-taught on the guitar.

I'm the lead singer in the Belgian blues band Hideaway,  with whom I've performed internationally. I'm also the founder of the gospel and roots choir Soulspirit.

I've been a member of the Centre for lutherie Belgium (CMB) since 1994. Since september 2011 I'm teaching steel string guitar building at. I'm especially focused on stringed instruments of the guitar family. So far I've built electric, acoustic and archtop instruments with a special fondness for acoustic instruments, although my interests may broaden. Thanks to the CMB my guitars were at a temporary display at the Royal instrument museum in Brussels.

In 2004 the CMB held its 25 anniversary, there were lots of festivities. One of the things I was involved in, was "United fingers". In one week several students built a steelstring, a classical guitar and a lute! In the same year, the centre organized a convention called "Cordefactum".

In the convention guitars from the members were on display, including 4 of my instruments. One of the highlights, was Jacques Stotzem praising the guitars, claiming we could compete with professional builders.

Recently I took part in a project where lot’s of artists open their doors to the public. The project is called ‘Buren bij kunstenaars’ which translates as ‘Get together with your neigbour-artists’.

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