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B.C.RICH / SEAGULL BASS < / strong>

Bernardo Chavez Rico, a California, has produced classical guitars, ukuleles, and banjo since the 1950s. In 1967, the company name was changed to "B.C.RICH", and the production of electric guitars started around 1969. In 1972, she released her first original shape, Seagull) guitar. At this time, a through neck and an active circuit, B.C. Rich, have been established.

It was manufactured in a form close to handmade one by one, and in the early days there were many protected individuals, and the shape was not yet decided, and the difference was seen each one. It is an experimental and unusual design in terms of visuals, but it is interesting to think that this form has evolved and connected to the company's representative models such as Eagle and Mockingbird, announced in 1976. After that, the music scenes at the time were very busy together with the active specification bass that emerged in the 70's, Alembic and Music Man. Especially, the eccentric body shape that imitates B.C.RICH birds (Seagull: gulls, Eagle, Eagle, Mockingbird: Mannesugumumi) has gained particularly popular with lockers at the time, and its popularity has expanded by using Aerosmith and Kiss. I did it.

This instrument is Seagull Bass, which was announced in 1973 following the Seagull guitar, and seems to be a very early individual because it has not yet contained the serial number stamped since '75. The body wing and the through neck are all mahogany specifications, with a 34 -inch scale and 24 -fret fingerboard and heelless joints. The pickup is equipped with two "Hi-A" pickups designed by Bill Bartolini, a later Bartolini brand, and the bridge uses the original "BADDAS" bridge (BADDAS I). It has been. The control assembly is a characteristic of B.C.RICH, with a master volume, a PU selectorogurch, booster ON/OFF switch & preset volume, master tone, 6 -position barritone switch, in/out phase switch, dual sound switch. Both Woodwork and Electronics were introducing the latest technology at the time.

The neck and electrical system have been adjusted firmly in our repairman and good
The neck is straight, and the string height is about 1.6mm to 1.2mm on the 12F.

This pole early Seagull Bass has a very small number of production, and this individual is a gem that can be recommended with confidence to collectors, including the original hard case. Of course, the powerful, variation sounds are unique, and the one that looks eye -catching is sure to look on the stage. If you are interested in a vintage market that you can hardly see, do not miss it!

Body: Mahogany
Neck: Mahogany
Fingerboard: Ebony
Scale: 34 "
Nut Width: 39mm
P.U: Hi-A Pu X2
Weight: 3.95kg
W/Original Hard Case
* With 5 years adjustment guarantee
* All parts have been disassembled and cleaning

In charge: Naito

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