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BIG JOHN / GRANNY PUKER (free Shipping!) / 2024 / Black & Purple / Effect For Sale

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Big John Granny Puker (free Shipping!) 2024 Black & Purple
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The BIG JOHN GRANNY PUKER will give you weird but very good distortion effects and dirty octave (down) sounds. It is truly unique! There is nothing like it! 2 Separate effects in one box (Preamp/Overdrive & Dirty Octave Down)

Functions are:

  • Volume control,
  • Mixer control (mix-in the amount of octave down),
  • Puke control = Gain (adjusts the amount of distortion).

You can use the BIG JOHN GRANNY PUKER as a distortion box: Just turn the mixer knob to the minimum (also great for chords).

You can use the BIG JOHN GRANNY PUKER as a dirty octaver: Turn the mixer knob to the maximum (good for melodies).

This stompbox is designed for bass as well as for guitar and synth.

Big John Music, Netherlands  

Contact name:
Opening hours:

Big John Music offers original, point-to-point handwired pedal designs. All of Big John Music effects feature true bypass, consist of top quality components, and are designed for guitar, bass, and analog synthesizers. 

These unique analog pedals are top quality, built extremely tough, and instantly draw attention. They are designed and constructed with great dedication by experienced musicians.

Big John pedals sound magnificent on any instrument. If your music has balls, Big John Music effects pedals are for you.

Big John available pedals: 

1) The Hairy Balls: Fuzz & Booster in one

2) The Granny Puker: Dirty Octaver & Distortion

3) The Dirty Sandwich: True Bypass Looper with Volume Control of the Loop and a switchable Separate Booster / Overdrive

4) The Pocket Rocket: Vintage Tube Screamer

Who plays them? Check out our Artist page on the website:

I ship the day or the day after I receive payment.

  Send message to: Big John Music, Netherlands
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