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Ceramic saddle and the parts for the Gibson adjustable bridge


Ceramic Saddle

We recreated the popular ceramic saddle for the Gibson adjustable bridge.

This high gloss white ceramic saddle is very popular and it is the most important part of the famous bright Gibson adjustable bridge sound.

We recreated the high gloss white ceramic saddle which was used from 1957 to 1963 for the Gibson and Epiphone guitars.

Not only for the replacement saddle for the 1957~1963 saddle, but you can also replace the mid 60’s matt finish ceramic saddle and late 60’s wood saddle to improve the sound quality.

You can also replace the TASQ saddle of the newer re-issue Gibson guitars so you can get the closer sound to the vintage ceramic saddle guitars.


We measured the original vintage ceramic saddle and worked closely with the factory to get as close as possible to the original one.

We choose not to use the metal mold and we used the plaster mold to recreate the rounder finish of the original one.

We inspect all the saddles very carefully and we eliminated all the saddles which are over or under 0.5mm.


We made 2 sizes:

(V) Vintage model

For the replacement saddle for the vintage guitars.

The length of the indent is 57 mm.

(N) New Vintage model

For the recent Gibson reissue guitars.

The length of the indent is 61 mm.

Price: 12,000 yen



Metal Plate

We also made the metal plate which is placed under the ceramic saddle.

The metal plate reinforces the ceramic saddle.

The original ceramic saddle has the slot on the bottom and the metal plate should have the indent to fit the slot of the ceramic saddle.

This metal plate is also important for the sound of the vintage adjustable bridge.

Price: 2,500 yen




Furthermore, we made the screws for the adjustable bridge as well.

We measured the original screws and recreated these screws.

The head is flat head screw and has softer rounded edge.

*Please note that these screws are not usable for the vintage guitar from 1957 to 1959 which has the larger head screws.

Price: 3,000 yen (set of two screws)


All the parts Made in Japan with the most strict quality control!



The Video clip:

We compared the sound of our Ceramic Saddle and TASK saddle on the recent Gibson reissue model. The first one is with our ceramic saddle, metal plate and the screws and the second one with the TASK saddle.


Payment: Paypal

Shipping and handling charge: 2,000 yen

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Blue-G opened in Tokyo in 1997, and the shop has quickly become the leading boutique guitar shop for acoustic guitars. The shop is known for its fine collection of vintage Martin, Gibson, Larson Bros., etc. We are also known for our collection of fine luthier made guitars from the U.S., Canada, Germany and South Africa. We represent Merrill & Co., Julius Borges, Ervin Somogyi, Roy McAlister, Ed Claxton, Sergei de Jonge, Grit Luskin, Taku Skashta, Mario Beauregard, Michi Matsuda, Marc Maingard, Mike Baranik, Kent Hamblin, Blazer & Henkes and other fine luthiers.


We are moving!
We will be moving our shop due to the re-building of the Suda Building where our shop is located since 2020.
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