Brazilian Rosewood / Fingerboard / 1975 / Natural Very Dark / Guitar For Sale

I am selling an Old Growth, Extremely Dark color , Pre - CITES Ban, Brazilian Rosewood ( Dalbergia Nigra, Rio Rosewood, Jacaranda..etc) Acoustic / Electric guitar fingerboard.

It comes together with its individual unique CITES document ( CITES PASSPORT FOR FREE INTERNATIONAL TRANSIT ) as it can be seen in the pictures. For the last 20 years, every Brazilian Rosewood component that I sell always comes with its own individual CITES doc as that being the only way to prove the legallity and the authenticity of our wood. We supply the same documents to Don Grosh, John Suhr, Warrior, Maton, Melville and to many other boutique luthiers. In the CITES document you will also see our CITES inspection and our names. For obvious reasons I do not show those in the attached pictures. However, the CITES stamp and the relevant information are shown.
The pictures show both sides of the wood.
The wood is already planed and only minimum sanding is required. The front side is absolutely perfect !
At the back side, near the edge of the wider side, there is a kind of cavity, caused during the original planning with a maximum depth of just over 1mm.
During the making of the fingerboard, 80% of it will be totally revoved and the other 20% will be sanded away, thus leaving the back side perfect as well!!!
Please see the two pictures.
 This wood has been cut in the mid 70s and since then it has been air dried in the the shed in our warehouse. Absolutely top quality and extremely sonorous.
No cracks, no worm holes!!! Absolutely perfect!!!

It has an excellent grain pattern and and an Expremely Dark  color, thus making it a VERY RARE piece of this precious wood which is almost extinct.
I have to point out that due to the long seasoning the color looks a bit dull. After the first sanding all the grain comes out very lively. Apparently this is a proof that the board has been air dried for long period.

Today, those are very sought after by any serious collector!!! Such a dark fingerboard is practically impossible to find nowadays!!! Even 30 years ago was really hard to get!!!
Our wood is seasoned in the shade for many ... many years and it is the real high quality tonewood. Today this kind of quality is almost extinct.

The dimensions are : Length 55.1 cm, Thickness 0.8 cm, Width at narrow end 6.1cm, Width at wide end 9.2 cm

I hope my description is as accurate as possible. Please see the pictures and feel free to ask me any question.

Also if you need other Brazilian rosewood parts ( acoustic sets, bridges ...etc) let me know.

Shipping : For all EU countries the cost is the same : 15.00 Euro

                  For all the rest of the world is : 20.00 Euro

The package will be shipped by the Greek Post Office with the EPG (that offers advanced integrated postal services equal to express courier services) 1st Priority Registered Package service for the EU countries and with the 1st Priority Registered Package service for the rest of the world. Delivery time varies from 4-10 days depending on the country. This service is very reliable with tracking.

Takis Wood Store and Rare instruments, Greece  

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For over 20 years we are only specialized in high quality precious tonewoods, such as Brazilian rosewood ( CITES certified ), Pernambuco, Kingwood, Tulipwood, Red Snakewood, Imbuia and many other rare tonewoods.

Please read my article at the Vintage and Rare blog :

We supply Don Grosh (USA), John Suhr (USA), Warrior (USA), Driskill (USA), Maton ( Aus), Melville ( Aus) and to many other boutique luthiers and individual collectors around the world.

All our wood is long seasoned ( 20 - 60 years ) and absolutely air dried. Our main warehouse is in Sao Paulo, Brazil and we also keep stock in Athens , Greece for the European market.

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