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Bsm / RW-F Treble Booster / 2010's / Effect

The RW-F has been specially designed for classical medium power pickups like the PAF or P90, also the Mini Humbucker or fat overwound single coils. Especially the neck Humbucker, which often tends to sound muddy with inappropriate amp control settings, stays clear now with an unheard warm balance between bass and treble, when using the RW-F. The bridge Humbucker becomes tight and definite with great punch. One Gain-control is enough! It enables you to blend from a slightly earthy crunch to a creamy blues till fat modern. Everything is permitted. If the guitar’s volume pot is slightly rolled back, you will get the typical earthy crunch of times long gone.   The RW-F Booster is inserted between guitar and amplifier, not into the FX loop. The magical tone is achieved by the interaction between guitar pickup, booster and amplifier. A 9V battery with a current consumption of approx. 250 uA powers the unit. The average output level is 5dBm, the maximum output voltage when the strings are struck really hard is 4V max. Note: The negative pole of the battery is ground !  

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These Go To 11, Sweden  

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Sebastian Nylund
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Tue-Fri 11-18.30. Sat 11-15

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These go to 11 is a collective of the finest high-end boutique pedal, guitar and amp designers & builders in the world today.

these go to 11 is the best source for exclusive pedals, instruments and amplifiers you normally won't find in the average music store.

They are the hip boutique alternative to the mega stores.

Formed by Sebastian Nylund, these go to 11 will provide a customer service on par with the high end products they represent.

Tgt11 like to treat each customer as a prospective friend and now have friends all over the world with the common interest of guitars and effects. Once you get something from these go to 11, we will do our best to keep you coming back for more. Our passion for tone is never ending and we will continue to help you find your tone in the years ahead.

"My goal is to supply you with the best guitar gear available and to provide the best detail oriented customer support that you will ever receive. I will work with you to find the proper match and will not stop until you get the sound you hear in your head. I want you to not only be happy but to be inspired by your gear."


Sebastian Nylund

Sebastian brings to the table 20 years of music industry experience, during which he has recorded and toured extensively with artists like Lee Hazelwood, Katie Melua, Celine Dion, Carlos Santana, Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias, Garou, Westlife, Magnum Coltrane Price, Tommy Körberg, Sven-Bertil Taube, Tomas Ledin, Stephen Simmonds, Carola, Håkan Hellström, Orup, Sanne Salomonsen, Jill Johnson, Mats Ronander, Christian Waltz, Björn Skifs, Martin Stenmarck, Lena PH and so on and has therefore gathered a wealth of knowledge in that arena. It is this knowledge that he brings to the table to share with all who work with him at these go to 11


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Store hours and location

Mon-Fri 11-18 lunch 13-14

Thursd 11-19 lunch 13-14

Sat 11-16

We are often in the shop working the other days of the week so let us know if you want to stop by and we'll try to accommodate your needs.

You will find us in the heart of Stockholm Sodermalm where most of the music stores are, 4 minutes from the central station with subway (link to a map)

Subway station Medborgarplatsen is 600 meters from the store.


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08 559 24 254

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