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Incredible C. F. Martin D-45 Gene Autry commerative. 66 guitars were made in 1994 in Nazareth. Incredibly rare Martin acoustic guitar.

Most folks remember Gene Autry for being the ultimate Hollywood singing cowboy, starring in dozens of Western movies and defining a new genre of American hero. He was a major radio star before that, with hit records when they were still made of shellac. He also made a huge mark on guitar history when in 1933 he convinced C. F. Martin to make a bigger, better and most importantly flashier guitar than anyone else had, the very first Model D-45. 

In 1994 Martin offered a very limited run of 66 Gene Autry signature D-45s that replicated the unobtainable original in fastidious detail. This guitar is #59 of 66. The label is hand-signed by C.F. Martin IV and Gene Autry, who died in 1998.

Matts Guitar Shop, France  

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Matthieu Lucas or Max
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In a milieu where desirable objects are generally locked away in a safe or behind glass, Matthieu Lucas’ collection is a refreshing exception to the rule.
He represents a new generation of guitar lovers, for whom music comes first and the sound is more important than the serial number. Like any fine collection, Matthieu Lucas’ one has a speciality: he tracks down instruments that have belonged to artists, from Jeff Buckley’s Telecaster to Tal Farlow’s Gibson, not to mention Spot - one of the few sunbursts to be found in France and which belonged to a certain Joe Bonamassa.

Through perseverance, Matthieu managed to open doors that are generally kept well shut and gained access to instruments that were not even supposed to be sold. And true to the principle that the love of music comes first, Matthieu is not the type to prevent a guitarist from enjoying his or her prized jewels.

Out of that desire to share, he finally created the Matt’s Guitar Shop showroom, a special place for selling and trading that gives Paris back its reputation for excellence in the area of beautiful guitars. Inspired and inspiring instruments, which continue to bring beautiful notes to the ears of music lovers.

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