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Collings / 1997 SJ / 1997 / Guitar For Sale

Welcome to TC Gakki! All photos are of the item for sale. Please note they are for sale in our store and may sell out. Thank you for looking! Feel free to ask any questions!

Product Details

Cinging Small Jumbo, in stock in a clean condition than ever before

Collings / 1997 SJ

Now founded by Bill Corps in 1988, the US leading high -end brand "Collings"

Small jumbo size SJ, manufactured in 1997, arrived in a very beautiful condition.

This individual was once ordered by a guitar collector
In the late 1990s, the first owner went to the coins workshop on the outskirts of Austin, USA, when the distribution of Cornings was small, and fell in love with this SJ at a glance and ordered through a Japanese agency.
It would have been one of some of them, so they probably liked the considerable finish.
As you can see from the story, the bodyside back and the bottleneck are the finest flame maple.
The contrast between white and pale brown is very beautiful, and the expression changes variously depending on the viewing angle and the light that hits the body.
There is no strange thing, and you can feel respect for a traditional design. I think that the greatness of the guitar that Bill Corins has worked on is to achieve a gentle and gorgeous beauty.

I mentioned earlier that the first owner actually went to the United States to see it, but I wasn't able to get this individual on the spot.
Of course, it was not sold directly, so it took time to reach Japan.
A few months later, I think the excitement of the same serial number individual was hard to replace anything.

And that's not the end.
It seems that the owner's strong desire to take care of it, and after arriving in Japan, it seems that it was exhibited for a long time at an audio shop that would be safe to manage the equipment. The year has been about 20 years.
A guitar with a dramatic history that has spent a long time, along with the high -quality music flowing from the record, has arrived at Advanced Guiters.

It is a condition like a so -called dead stock product.
Scratch scratches around head tops and sound halls, and slightly paint floating at the top of the bridge, but it is the first time that the Collings guitar that has maintained a beautiful condition has arrived in our shop.

The sound is also the finest.
The high -hand sound that comes out neatly from the bass to the treble is exquisite.
In addition, the crisp rising unique to maple, the long sustain is fresh, the sound image remains clear, and you can enjoy the high -quality tone from the beginning to the end.

If you look closely, it is great that the body is wrapped in besides ivoroid.

Why don't you go to the best journey with this beautiful and gorgeous SJ with only one story in the world?

The condition of the neck and Kibe is inspected and adjusted by an acoustic guitar professional, and all parts are good.
The neck is straight and has no spinning or stuffy sound, and the string height on the 12th fret is set to 2.7 mm on the 6 string side and 2.0 mm on the first string side.
The protruding amount of the saddle is about 2.5mm-3.5mm.

TOP: Solid Spruce
Back/Sides: Solid Maple
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard/Bridge: Ebony
Nut-Width: 43.5mm
Weight: 2.20kg
Finish: All Lacquer
Case: Original Hard Shell Case
Documents: Certification, Japan Agency Guarantee
* Consigned item (adjustment guarantee is not included)

[Safe service when using mail order]
Please try it slowly in your home environment for 6 days after the product arrives.
Even if you say that it is different from the sound you thought, if you can contact us within the period, we will pay only the round -trip shipping fee and we will refund the product price in full.
It is very popular for those who are difficult to visit the store, so I hope you can use it.

Please note that all items are for sale in our Tokyo store.
There is a chance they might be sold out. All items are shipped tracked and insured. All import duties or customs fees are the buyers responsibility - please be aware of the requirements for your country. If you have any questions please ask.

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