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Cornell / Distortion Pedal / Effect

Cornell Distortion Pedal

High Input jack. Controls: Gain, Bass, Treble, Output. Switches: True bypass, Boost. Standard power supply socket.

Easy-fit 9 volt (PP3) battery compartment. Polished stainless steel housing.

The Cornell-Distortion Pedal has a classic tone, a sound to bring back the best and most sought-after tones from the 60s and 70s.

The Cornell-Distortion pedal is designed with 'diode clipping' using three cascading stages to achieve plenty gain and add a vintage edge to the tone.

The EQ with its bass and treble controls gives you a flexible,  effective and powerful tone shaper. The bass control makes your amp sound big without sounding muddy,  the treble end can be brighter or darker covering every tone shape you will ever need.

Instrument sold

Cornell , UK  

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Cornell Guitar Amplification
Guitar Amplification
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By appointment.

Denis Cornell is a modern day amp guru who reflects on the past only in as much as may serve his forward thinking and uncompromising ideals. If no-compromise amplification with tone beyond compare sounds appealing, then be assured that promising to create and capture tonal perfection is entirely within Denis Cornell's capabilities. Denis has intimate design and service knowledge of Vox amplification

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