DGN Custom Guitars / Paragon '59 / 2010's / Faded Burst / Guitar

I am currently taking orders for this very special guitar

DGN Custom Guitars - Paragon '59 Specs:

Body and Neck - Honduran Mahogany 
Top - Eastern PA Figured Maple
Fingerboard - Brazilian Rosewood
Headstock Veneer - American Holly

6/6 Nylon Nut
Dave Johnson Inlays
Bartlett Binding
Vintage Clone Pickguard and Jack Plate
Kluson Tuners with Uncle Lou Buttons
PEC High End Pots
Luxe Bumble Bee Caps
DGN hand wound PAF Humbuckers
Switchcraft Switch and Jack
All Hardware Aged in my shop

The guitar was shot in Nitrocellulose Lacquer and I used aniline dyes. The top was then faded in the sun for a total of 6 hours to what you see here. The finish is not and will not be aged or reliced. I believe in good ole play wear. However I did age all of the hardware and screws. I couldn't bring myself to put brand new shiny hardware on this guitar. It just doesn't fit in with the vibe I am after.

The guitar features many vintage correct details including routing and top carve. The few details that make it uniquely DGN are the Headstock shape, the cutaway horn shape and the headstock angle. I have reduced the angle to 10*. With longer grain runout the joint is much stronger and if the worst happens and the guitar takes a fall, the chances of the headstock breaking are greatly reduced.

Please send a message for more info and pricing.  Lets build your dream Burst Inspired Guitar!!!

Instrument sold

DGN Custom Guitars, USA  

Contact name:
Dan Neafsey
Custom Hand Made Guitars, Repair and Restoration of New and Vintage Instruments
Opening hours:
10-6 Monday-Friday, 11-3 Saturday

DGN Custom Guitars started with a passion to build something different, something better.  I build high quality custom guitars for both professional musicians and guitar enthusiasts.

Each guitar is made by hand one at a time in my Southern CT shop.  I use many old school methods combined with new ideas in guitar construction resulting in an incredibly lively and comfortable instrument to play on.  It’s like having the best of both worlds wrapped up into one guitar.  Amazing playability and versatility with tons of vintage vibe.  I think of my guitars as, "The Modern Vintage".

If you are looking for something different, something you can't buy off the shelf, call or click to discuss the custom handmade instrument you have always dreamed of.  If you are within driving distance, feel free to call or email and schedule an appointment to stop by and play test my guitars.


In addition to building custom handcrafted guitars, I am also a full service repair shop for any and all of your stringed instrument repair needs. 

  Send message to: DGN Custom Guitars, USA
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