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DSG / Electric VI / 2017 / Any Colour / Guitar For Sale

The DSG Electric VI can be made-to-order. The stated price is the starting price with a plain rosewood/maple dot neck. Add-ons are inlay options and materials for neck and body.


Electric VI controls:

Upper horn holds high pass and low pass switches.

Diamond plate holds four 3-way switches, one for each half-coil with off/on/on phase inverted.

Main control plate holds volume and tone knobs as well as a killswitch and output.

Deep Seat Guitars, Sweden  

Contact name:
Daniel Björklund
Deep Seat Guitars, Staytrem, Curtis Novak Pickups, McNelly pickups, Grover tuners
English, Swedish,
Custom guitar builder. Everything from complete guitars to parts and refinishes.
Opening hours:

The love of offset waist guitars like the Jazzmaster or Jaguar drove me to think that there's a perfect guitar out there for everyone yet to discover OR to build! 


15 years ago I refinished my first guitar. I couldn't afford a vintage Jazzmaster in a custom colour so I had to refinish a Japanes version myself. The hunt for the right colour itself was such a thrill and after that I was hooked!

I'm a musician. And I know what works and what's not.

I know the feel of a good vintage instrument and I know how to transform THAT feeling into a new creation.

I know the feel of a brand new instrument, and the sence of being the first to touch it too


Right now, Deep Seat Guitars has 4 guitar models currently available as made to order; The Chancellor, The Electric VI, The DSG Marauder II and The Telemaster.

You'll get your favourite pickups, switches, neck, colour, crazy, simple ideas into your dream guitar right here at DeepSeatGuitars!


 We are locaded in Värmland, Sweden but ships worldwide.


Daniel Björklund



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