Di Donato Guitars / Hasaki Desmo / 2016 / RossoCorsa Hand Rubbed / Guitar For Sale

ody: Spanish Cedar
Neck: Mahogany
Fretboard: Cocobolo
Scale: 635mm
Frets: Stainless steel
Aluminum frame: Anodized (Black)
Finish: RossoCorsa hand rubber (matt)
Neck Pickup: didonato's single coil A4, plain enamel wire
Bridge Pickup: didonato's single coil A4, plain enamel wire
Capacitor: Alexander by Duelund 0,022
Pots: P.E.C. 500k

Di Donato Guitars, Italy  

Contact name:
Enrico Di Donato
Di Donato Guitars
Italian & English
Hand built guitars
Opening hours:
By appointment

Di Donato Guitars was established many years ago as a workshop of bowed instruments near Venice, Italy. Great passion for legendary Guitarists and the stifling rigidity in following the “Ancient Mith” of classical lutherie, brought the concept of new instruments free of every restriction without any limitation of shapes and materials, coupling wood with aluminum, which is already used for its tonal properties. Every single guitar is one of a kind in which every part fits with others, from pickups to knobs and is crafted to answer to the personal desires and needs of each guitarist.

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