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Drew Walsh Guitars Bara 2018 Burnt Orange Metallic
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We are proud to release another completely original design from the Walsh Guitars custom shop called the Bara. Comprised of high quality woods and components and topped off with a super low plasticizer vintage style nitro finish, this guitar is incredibly versatile and toneful. Here are some of its features:

Body Woods: quartersawn and figured African mahogany

Neck: roasted 4A flame maple with an ebony fretboard
  Fret wire: 6105 frets
  Neck Contour: Medium C
  Nut width: 1-11/16
  Nut: Mammoth bone
  Fretboard radius: 12"
  Neck thickness: .85" at 1st fret and .94" at the 12th
  Scale length: 25.5"
  Side dots: mother of pearl

  Tuners: open gear, locking Hipshot
  Bridge: Mastery
  Vibrato: Mastery
  Control Plate: custom made satin stainless steel

Controls: master volume, master tone w/NOS PIO cap, Switchcraft 3-way toggle

  Pickups: custom spec McNelly Clarity (bridge) and Cornucopia (neck) humbuckers

Finish: super thin nitro

Case: comes with a Mono case ($225 value)

Aging: none

Normally this guitar would have lead times of about 20 weeks but I have priced this guitar to sell quickly. Therefore, only reasonable offers will be considered.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions!

International shipping available, but you pay actual fees and import duties.

Check out YouTube and our IG for video demos - @walshguitars

Instrument sold

Walsh Guitars, USA  

Contact name:
Drew Walsh
Walsh Guitars
English (US)
Handmade Guitars
Opening hours:

Walsh Guitars is committed to you and your artistic vision, and we will use all our resources to see it to completion.

One of the great parts of being such a small operation is the level of involvement in each step of the process I get to take and the assurance that each step will be done with excellence. As an artist of sorts, I feel like I will never truly arrive as there are always ways to improve my craft and up the ante of what this gear community currently offers. Its an endless chase, and I love it.

The other great part of the intimacy of Walsh Guitars is the time I am able to put into building customer relationships. Guitars are great but people are even more important, and this is where my focus begins and ends. Each person has unique desires and an exciting vision for their project; to be able to come alongside and make that a reality is incredibly rewarding.


Walsh Guitars is committed to choosing the very best wood, parts, and electronics all while ensuring they expertly come together in a happy and toneful medley.

As the saying goes, “the devil is in the details.” It is exactly my job to make sure those details are seen to, improved upon, and studied to the millionth degree. And even as the project evolves and details change, great attention will be given so that the very best quality is maintained.

I will choose the wood by hand, the parts by experience and functionality, and the electronics by ear of what works best. Everything will be kept under tight tolerances for a predictably great sounding and feeling instrument.


Walsh Guitars is committed to not only great looking instruments but also great sounding and inspiring works of art.

The best audio techs are those who are musicians as they know what instruments should properly sound like in a live or studio environment. In the same way, the best luthiers are those who passionately play guitar and know how it should sound AND feel.

As a frequent player of all styles of music, it is my hope that every instrument I create can effectively communicate with authority every genre thrown its way. From houses of worship to singer/songwriter settings to arenas, Walsh Guitars will deliver an instrument to rule them all and inspire you in the process.

  Send message to: Walsh Guitars, USA
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