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Ebs / Fuzz Mo / 2010's / Effect

We ship out of Basel, Switzerland. Please contact for exact pricing to your country.


Second hand. Mint Condition. Send your bass amp over the edge with the EBS FuzzMo Ultra High Gain Distortion Pedal. As its name implies, the FuzzMo delivers tons of gritty distortion to your signal. A Blend control lets you mix the amount of clean and dirty signal that leaves the pedal. Dial in your ideal tone with the Shape control and the 3-way Character control. And the pedal aficionados at Sweetwater love the fact that the EBS FuzzMo is true bypass, which means your signal won't be colored when the pedal is turned off. If you're looking for an outrageous fuzz tone for your bass, then you need to check out the EBS FuzzMo Ultra High Gain Distortion Pedal!

Instrument sold

JobFactory Musicstore, Switzerland  

Contact name:
David Max
Gibson; JAM Pedals
Opening hours:
By appointment or e-mail us


Job Factory Musicstore Webshop


Job Factory Musicstore is a part of the Job Factory AG in Basel/Switzerland. We specialize in electric and acoustic guitars and basses, amplifiers and accessories. We are located in the Dreispitz Area in Basel, where parking is easy!


Brands that we normaly stock: Fender, Squier, Gibson, Epiphone, PRS, Eastwood, Vintage, Fretking, Blade, Crafter, Schecter, Ibanez, Jackson, Wolf, Morgan, Martin, Taylor, Stanford, Marshall, Vox, JMI, Orange, Hiwatt, Blackstar, Laney, Fender, Randall, Line 6, Roland, Suhr, Brunetti, Genz Benz, Bogner, Zvex, Fulltone, Boss, Diamond Pedals, Pigtronix, Ibanez, Electro Harmonix, Xotic, Eventide, Digitech, Jam pedals, Lovepedals, Modtone, Ohlala Pedals, Way Huge, Jacques. THE POINT IS, WE CARRY LOTS OF COOL STUFF!!!!



Our Philosophy


We believe that the BEGINNERbeginner is the life-blood of the music industry. The beginner gets treated with special attention when looking for his-her first instrument. The larger JobFactory AG company, dedicated to helping jobless young people get the training they need to enter the workforce, has shown its dedication to the youth of Basel, and the JFM continues this mission. We encourage parents when looking for their childrens first music making experiences to visit the JFM and talk with our staff.


The PROFESSIONAL MUSICIAN, audiophile, and ‘gear junkie’ is revered and respected here as well. Our staff consists of professional musicians and gear fanatics, always looking to discuss new gear, live sound possibilities and recording techniques with their peers.


Our INVENTORY is without compare here in Basel. We have designed the inventory with variety being the most important factor. Jazz players, metal, blues, indie, folk and classically minded players will all find something that speaks to them. Traditional styles, the strangely shaped, vintage and retro, modern, and contemporary are all represented.


CUSTOMER SERVICE is our number one priority here. If we do not have what you want, we will order it for you! We will do the research, and find the exact right piece of gear for you.


Typical Guitar Store ‘snobby’ attitude, is not welcome here. We have EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE here, but, we do NOT know everything! We are looking to extend our own knowledge as well as transferring it to the customer. We encourage customers to come to our store and relax, have a coffee and cake at our Take-away. Lets talk about gear! Share your knowledge with us.


We are never offended by the customer who is ‘just looking’. Guitars are meant to played. They are not merely things at which to be stared. We like to see a fine instrument in a persons hands, not on the wall.


If you are a fan of FX PEDALS, then welcome to Paradise! We have, without doubt, the best pedal selection in Switzerland. Everything is available for the customer to test, from the basic clean-boost to multi effectors and synth generators.


DRUMMERS are welcome here as well, and will find an extensive inventory of cymbals, skins, hardware and accessories.




We look forward to your visit!


Your MusicStore Team:


David Max – Abteilungsleiter

Ruben Bachmann

Romano Mancini

Ayet Shala

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