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Mint condition, including original case and COA. This one was build in 2020, sold to our customer end of 2020 and traded in march 2021 agains a PJE Macon Limited Edition entirely build by Patrick himself. Great guitar. This Thinline Tele inspired guitar is a true piece of art. It is a carefully and elegantly designed guitar. And at the same time it is a workhouse that will not let you down. It has a 500 year old Bog Oak top. It looks so good by it self that is needs no appointments such as binding or color finishing.  It feels amazingly comfortable in your hands, The contoured body, it's light weight and the smooth feel of the neck all make you feel right at home in the first moments. But the best part is playing it. It is beyond words. If you are looking for a high end workhorse this is definitely worth your consideration. Merk: Eggle, Patrick James Eggle Model: T-Style, Thinline Body-type: Thinline Condition: Mint

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Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned professional, we believe that we can expand your horizon as a guitar player.

It all started with the idea of one day building the perfect guitar store; a player’s paradise, filled with great guitars, amps, and like minded people who you could jam and explore different sounds with.

With this idea as the blueprint for Kauffmann’s, we started our store in 2010, which gave us the opportunity to share over 20 years of experience, knowledge, and advice with otherswho share our passion. Today, Kauffmann’s has become a place where we help players at any level discover the best possible guitars in every budget category, do in-house repairs, build our own guitars, share stories, jam, and hang out with those that come to visit us.

The many years of building our own custom guitars and touring as professional musicians have given us the expertise to confidently select guitars with the best quality to price ratio.

We look past big brand names and ‘easy sells’ in order to make sure that we offer our customers the best guitar for them. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned professional, we believe that we can expand your horizon as a guitar player.


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