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El Rey Effects / Mas Huevos / 2014 / Effect For Sale

The Mas Huevos Preamp/Boost Pedal!

Ever feel like your guitar just doesn't have enough Huevos (Balls)??? Well El Rey has the cure! 

Whether you want just a little extra kick for solos or maybe your pickups just don't have the umph they used to, think of this as Viagra for your rig, Call Dr. El Rey if it's over 4 hours and know.

Simple controls:

Grab 'Em - This is a master volume, giving you more control over the output.

Scratch 'Em - This is the knob to tweak. Depending if you want to boost the signal or really push your amp, adjust as necessary. This will respond differently to different pickups


Contact name:
Eduardo GarcĂ­a
Spanish, English
Guitars, effects, amps
Opening hours:

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