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Fender / 1968 Telecaster Bass “Paisley Red” [4.35kg] / 1968 / Bass For Sale

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Product Details

Fender / Telecaster Bass "Paisley Red" < / strong>

"Telecaster Bass" reproduced in 1968 of the Original Precision Bass that appeared in 1951
Maple 1P neck, back -backed 2 -way saddle (nickel after 54 years), single coil pickup, the pegs are equipped with paddle pegs at this time, and the pickuped bobbins are not black. I am.

The Paisley Red Telecaster Bass manufactured in 1968 was aware that the "Flow Mede" "Psychedelic" boom occurred in the United States in the late 1960s, and the telecaster base of "Paisley Red" "Blue Flower" is only in 68 and 69 years. It was made.
As the name suggests, the body top and the back have a paisley pattern wallpaper, and clear paint is blown from above to improve storage.
Telecaster Bass, which usually uses ash bodies like Original, is a customary Bass, but this individual is adopted.
Although it is a single coil, the sound is very thick and you can taste the sticky medium and low range.

The neck and electrical system have been adjusted by our repairman and good
The neck is generally straight, and the string height is set from 2.1mm to 1.6mm on 12F.
The main body is a full original with a hard case at that time, but this individual has evidence that has been used firmly and played, and there are some paint peeling.
It is an individual that can be recommended for those who want to be satisfied with the sound of paisley.

Neck: Maple
Scale: 34 "
Nut Width: 43mm
P.U: Original Gray Bobbin
Control: Vol / Tone
Weight: 4.35kg
W/Original Hard Case
* With 5 years adjustment guarantee
* All parts have been disassembled and cleaning

In charge: Naito

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