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Fender / Champ 5F1 / 1960 / Tweed / Amp

One of our all-time favorite amps in our catalogue: a 1960 Fender Champ 5F1, a true rock machine, in great condition. A true Gizmo in appearance, but definitely a Gremlin -in a good way- when cranked.

In practically 100% original condition: original transformers, circuitry (except for one electrolytic, which is a 60’s replacement). Original Oxford speaker, reconed, but factory original (JC=March 1960 stamp on speaker, chassis and tube chart). Speaker built in 1st week of 1960. Screws on backplates are not original.

Amp works with the original 117V voltage. If you’re in 220V land, you can easily use an external step-down transformer. Yes, the 2-prong cord was replaced with a 3-prong, for safety. We will include the factory-original 2-prong. Death cap was disconnected, but it’s still there “for looks”. Now it’s a safe amp to play, because who wants to die playing music, anyway?

Sounds beautiful, and LOUD. No, this is not the solution to avoid pissing your neighbors off. It’s the solution to making some creamy, tasty, rock ’n roll. Which is a big deal, of course. It looks like this little “box” is going to explode at those volumes, unmistakeable personality, with all the harmonics adding up as you crank the volume up.

Great chance to get your hands on an original 5F1, in great condition, and sounding like a monster!

Instrument sold

Guitar Giraffe, Spain  

Contact name:
Dani V.
Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Rickenbacker, PRS
Spanish, English
High-end pre-owned guitars & amps
Opening hours:
Monday-Saturday, by appointment only. (+34) 917 580 342 / (+34) 608 849 336

In the last few years, online sale for musical instruments has experienced an amazing growth, but has passed right through the pre-owned market (that is, in Spain), limiting it to specialised forums and private owners. This is why Guitar Giraffe was born, the first physical and online second hand guitar and amp store (we like to call it "pre-owned", since we see a big difference between both terms), with a clear commitment of giving new options to guitarists locally and worldwide. Pre-owned guitar stores, so common in UK and USA, were practically nonexistent in Spain. We’ve wanted to fill that empty space by becoming the first physical and online store in our country focused on pre-owned guitars and amps.

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