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Fender / Deluxe 5D3 Amplifier / Amp For Sale

Fender Deluxe Model 5D3 Tube Amplifier
This is not a reproduction or restoration.
Original canvas flannel lined cover with a few stains and the brown corner seams are a little brittle.Am happy the cover has done a great job protecting this amplifier for 60 plus years.
The carrying handle has been replaced,as again,it was so dry and brittle it could no longer safely support the amps weight of 23 pounds.
The brown power cord has been replaced with a like cord.The original was dried out, cracked, brittle and determined unsafe.
Everything else is all original.The speaker has not been re-coned,the chrome and white lettering glisten,the ruby red power light lens is clear, the dials are immaculate

Al St, UK  

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