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Here is an early Kurt Cobain designed Jag-Stang. Pickups and bridge are upgraded and a hardcase is included. Fender calls the Jag-Stang a “collision of contemporary features fused together to create a radical new Fender guitar.” The name ‘Jag-Stang’ gives the first clue as to where the guitar comes from. It borrows features from both the Fender Jaguar and the Fender Mustang.

Kurt Cobain came up with the Jag-Stang idea. He liked the Fender Mustang but there were things about the Jaguar the he liked also. His idea combined the styles of both guitars. When the Fender Custom shop was told of Kurt’s idea, Larry Brooks and Mark Wittenberg went to meet with him. What guitar company would pass up a chance to have a guitar endorsed by someone like Kurt?

To get his idea across, Kurt took pictures of the Jaguar and Mustang. He then cut each of those pictures and put them together in a way that has the upper half mostly like a Mustang and the lower half of a Jaguar.

The prototype had a Fender Texas Special single coil in the neck position and a DiMarzio H-3 humbucker in the bridge position. It also had a Mustang-style short-scale neck that was a copy of Kurt’s favorite neck.(he sent his favorite neck to Fender to be copied)

Kurt requested two colors for the Jag-Stang, a blue and a red version, technically called Sonic Blue and Fiesta Red. The Sonic Blue version was given to Kurt and used just a few times on the ‘In Utero’ tour. Fender was just getting ready to ship the Fiesta Red guitar when they received news of his death.

Each pickup has a 3-position switch that gives the Jag-Stang a very wide tonal range. The Jag-Stang also comes with a floating bridge and “Dynamic” Fender vibrato tail-piece borrowed from the Mustang. The small neck is a rhythm players delight while many soloist may not like just how “tiny” it feels.

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