Fender / Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster / 2006 / Olympic White / Guitar

Guitar players universally agree that Jimi Hendrix achieved his signature sound in part because he was a left-handed guitar player who played a right-handed Stratocaster strung left-handed. The reverse bridge pickup angled down towards the bass string produces a unique sound that differs from a standard Stratocaster bridge pickup. The low strings are much brighter and more articulate and the high strings are warmer and fuller. When a right-handed guitar is strung lefthanded, the change in string tension and the reverse staggered pole pieces on the pickups have a direct effect on the tone, which is how Hendrix made his high strings scream and achieved pure, clear tones on his low strings. Since it's a challenge to play a guitar body that's upside down with all the knobs and the tremolo in the way, Fender made it easy for the right-handed player to comfortably obtain the Hendrix sound. Everything on this guitar is designed to give all the sonic benefits of playing an upside-down Strat like the original guitar that Hendrix used, only on a right-handed body.
The model I have for sale is a 2006 Reverse Headstock Stratocaster, made in Mexico as a special edition, based on the Hendrix '68 model in a vintage finished Olympic White. The guitar is in great condition, with very little visible playwear, and no dings or scratches. It has upgraded Entwistle pickups fitted which give very high output and extreme clarity, although the original pickups are included in case the buyer wants to switch back. The guitar is very comfortable to play, beautifully balanced on a strap, with a very fast feeling neck and low action. It looks and sounds great and comes with it's tremolo arm plus all the original paperwork. It comes in a used 'suitcase' style hard case, which has some damage to one end but works perfectly well.

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Welcome to Glenn's Guitars here on Vintage & Rare. After many years in the industry, and having been fortunate enough to have worked in Hanks and The Acoustic Centre - probably London's two foremost acoustic guitar shops - I decided to do my own thing.

I have a passion for used and vintage acoustic guitars; nearly new second hand guitars because they can represent a bargain compared to the price of a new guitar, older and vintage guitars because they tend to have more character and can often become an investment.

You will notice when viewing my stock list my taste in guitars, as I only sell guitars that I genuinely like - and there are certain brands noticeable by their absence. I am a huge fan of older Gibson, Martin and Guild acoustics, but also more boutique brands such as Lowden and Collings.

I will consider part exchange if it makes your desired guitar a little easier to afford. I also offer a guitar finding service, if there's something specific you're looking for.

If you are happy to buy over the internet, I will send you as many high resolution photos and as much information about the guitar you're interested in as I can. If you can get to me - I'm based in Enfield, only 30 minutes from London Liverpool Street Station - you can always make an appointment with me and come and try some of the guitars out first.

I accept payment by Paypal, bank transfer, cheque and of course cash.

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