Fender / Musicmaster / 1973 / Daphne Blue / Guitar

A cool package including this all original ‘73 Musicmaster, the original soft shell case and original gig bag. These guitars are underrated gems and deliver a surprisingly useable range of tones from the single pick up. A very affordable entry into the vintage guitar world.


First introduced in 1955 as Fender’s entry level student guitar, the Musicmaster has seen a few revisions over the years before being discontinued in 1982. Originally a ¾ scale guitar up until 1964 when Fender offered the more popular, and playable, 24 inch scale length as an option. This 1973 version has the 22 fret 24 inch scale length neck, the same one as found on it’s bigger sibling the Fender Mustang.


The neck itself has a medium C profile which is very comfortable to play and with good intonation all the way up the neck. Currently it is set up with a set of 11-48 gauge strings which feel very slinky on the 24 in scale neck with easy choke free string bending.

Sonically the combination of the single coil pick up and the 24 inch scale length delivers a clear, chiming tone on open chords played through a clean amp. The clean sound is very useable with some nice character. Put it through an overdrive setting and it breaks up very nicely giving a gnarly tone that is again very useable.


Everything on the guitar is 100% original and the overall condition is very good. There are a number of small dings over the body as well as a number of scuffs around the edges, as to be expected of a 50 year old guitar that has been gigged fairly well during its lifetime. The 70’s ‘Daphne Blue’ finish has yellowed over the years and has now turned the shade of green that Mustangs and Musicmasters often do.


For a ‘student’ guitar this Musicmaster is a surprise package, offering tone and playability beyond its modest price, and is well worth checking out.


Comes with the original Fender soft shell case as well as the original Fender gig bag, which in themselves are a rare find.


**Please ask about shipping outside the UK**

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