Fender / Mustang / 1965 / Daphne Blue / Guitar

A highly desirable Mustang with full pre-CBS specs (Kluson tuners, Brazilian rosewood fretboard, clay-dots) with the most sought-after of the three standard finishes: Daphne Blue.
This guitar is ALL ORIGINAL and in very fine conditions, complete with original hardshell case, original jack cable and vibrato arm. Just perfect!
The model was introduced by Fender in August 1964 and this guitar was built during the first year of production: its neck is dated January 1965, pots are dated 20th week of '65, grey-bottom pickups are dated May 18th and 19th, 1965. The beautiful fingerboard has frets in excellent conditions, nice action and playabilty. This Mustang has been very well cared-for and its original Daphne Blue finish shows just a few traces of wear, mostly on the lower part of the body. Almost no oxidation on the metal parts, no breaks and no shrinkage on the plastic ones. Pickups, potentiometers and switches are all working fine: a really solid guitar in "collector's condition".
By the end of 1965 Fender started to replace the Kluson Deluxe tuners with the "F" model, but this guitar still has its original set of plastic-button double-line Klusons, never replaced and in good working order. The old-style clay-dots, instead of the pearl ones, are typical of the earliest Mustangs and are a distinctive sign of the pre-CBS Fender era.
The original hardshell case is in very fine shape, its only flaw being a red stain on the top which can be removed by a new owner more patient than me. Features, sound, conditions, originality and production-year, make of this guitar THE Mustang to have!

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Nino Fazio
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The guitars of REAL VINTAGE are on show in Salvatore Mancuso’s Guitar Shop in Milazzo, pleasant little seatown near Messina, starting point for trips to the Eolian Islands. A visit to REAL VINTAGE Guitars might be a good opportunity to discover one of the nicest spots of Sicily, with its architectonic and natural treasures. We only deal with clean and all-original vintage instruments. Each one is extensively described and pictured on our website www.realvintage.it . The shop offers new and used instruments and amps. Nino Fazio takes care of the vintage guitar inventory.

Shop's address: GUITAR SHOP di Salvatore Mancuso, via Manzoni 13 - 98057 Milazzo ME - Italy

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