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Fender / Precision Bass / 1966 / Sunburst / Bass For Sale

A classic early CBS P Bass. Superb, clean original example. Plays and sounds just as you’d expect a vintage P Bass from this era to. The only bass you’ll ever really need.


These early CBS transition Fenders are every bit as good as their pre-CBS brothers and sisters in our opinion and this very cool '66 P Bass is no exception.


This sunburst example is in great shape and (with the exception of the repro thumb rest) is totally original and unmolested. It has been clearly well looked after with only a handful of small dings and nicks around the edges of the body and on the back, some small natural indentations on the top and back, some light buckle rash, some natural play wear around the arm rest area and some attractive lacquer checking on the body and headstock. Overall it is in above average condition for a 58 year old instrument.


The neck (dated Aug '66) has a very comfortable medium C profile, typical of mid 60's P Basses, and is topped off with a nice dark, waxy rosewood board. The original frets are in great condition with minimal wear and have loads of life left in them. There is some natural play wear on the back of the neck around the 2nd to 7th fret position where the lacquer is starting to wear thin. There is also some attractive light flame figure on the back of the neck.


The grey bottom pick ups (also dated Aug '66) along with the original volume and tone pots and capacitor deliver the classic warm, woody and punchy P Bass tone that has formed the backbone of so many great records. There are very few genres that this bass wouldn't be at home with.


This really is a great example of a classic sunburst P Bass. It's a nice weight too coming in at just under 8lbs.


If you've been looking for a vintage P Bass but your budget doesn't extend to the kind of prices pre-CBS examples are now commanding, then you can't go wrong with this one. Its early CBS credentials put it up there with pre-CBS examples in our opinion but for quite a bit less money.


Comes with a new Fender case and also a vintage late 60's/early 70's Fender Monogram strap which is a nice bonus and now also sought after.


Weight: 7lb 15oz
Pick up reading: 11.5k


**Please ask about shipping outside the UK**

20th Century Toys, UK  

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Phil Bourne
Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, Gretsch, Martin, Epiphone
Vintage and vintage reissue guitars and basses
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UK based vintage and vintage reissue dealer. We hand select original vintage guitars and limited edition reissues.

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