Fender / Stratocaster / 1957 / Sunburst / Guitar


Original 1957 2-Tone Fender Stratocaster
“The Classic White Guard”

Serial No.: 024338 (Neckplate double stamped/Back = -25424)
Year: 1957
Colour: 2-Tone Sunburst
Body Date: 11/57 (Tremolo-Spring Cavity)
Neck Date: 6-57
1-Piece maple neck with small headstock
Fender “Spaghetti-logo” (without Pat. Nr.)
Weight: 3,3 kg

Pre-CBS maple fretboard Stratocaster with a lot of honest playware with dings and dongs.
A very resonant and open sounding instrument.
The guitar has a typical V-shape neck profile and a 1-Piece Alder Body.
The whole parts of the instrument are absolutely period correct.

Tuner: Single Line Klusons
Hardware: Fender “synchronized” tremolo with 6 x “Pat. Nr. stamped” steel saddles.

Pickup readings:
Black bottom super balanced. Polarity all North
Neck: 5.97k Ohm
Middle: 6.10k Ohm
Bridge: 6.59k Ohm
Pot dates: 304 7 31
304 7 30
304 7 47

Original CTR 1452 3-way switch.
Original caps, plastics and white single-ply pickguard

It comes with an original 56/57 Tweed case with red lining. The Tweed Fabric is slightly separated from the casewood as it was once over sprayed in black but now restored by the removal of color into the Original Tweed Tan.

The guitar is original besides a pro refret with replaced nut and a thin old overspray on the fingerboard and front of the headstock. All others blacklight perfectly.

WEIGHT : 3,21 KG
PRICE: 38.000 EURO

Instrument sold

Sweetspot Guitars, Germany  

Contact name:
Christian Sedelmayer
Fender, Gibson
German & English
Opening hours:
By appointment

I am specialized in the acquisition & sale of beautiful, unique and rare guitars. Spot is on Gibson and Fender with attention to the Custom Shop models especially in full, proofed and original condition. 

Sweetspot Guitars will excite, inspire & create confidence! 

My clients should look forward to their instrument with precise information & photos, consulting & handling. 

I have played & collected for many years and spent a lot of money. The knowledge of the instruments and the passion for it, I would now like to get to the point with my shop. 

Every guitar that I offer is chosen, with the utmost care to authenticity verified, and have been adjusted. And it arrives at your home in described condition with bill & 14 days return option. Pickup here at Lake Constance Area is also welcome! 

On request and at an additional cost, we modify each guitar to the exact customers request from pickup over setup to aging etc., either on-site or with one of our known guitar luthiers with which we cooperate. 

I will get the most beautiful & rarest used and new guitars of the world here in the Lake Constance region and strive to get long-term Customer Relations! From time to time I will also order small and fine special editions of Instruments - For example it is planned to work together with MJT USA on relic Telecaster and Stratocaster guitars and parts. 

We, Sweet Spot Guitars, are pleased about every offer, every request and every Customer! 

Hand, heart & instrument belong together

Christian Sedelmayer 


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