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If you are into relics this might not be for you. This is the real thing. :) A 1959 Fender Stratocaster Hardtail, this guitar had the same owner since 1980. It has a very old pre-1980 gold refin over a coat of original nitro Daphne Blue. Apart from a tuner restoration and two tone pots gone missing its all intact and in pristine condition. Plays like butter and sounds great. Would accept guitar (Suhr or equal) as part payment. Open to offers.


The guitar has had the same owner for the past 40 years. Originating from Houston, TX and bought from a well-known Swedish dealer in spring 1980.

This is a transition guitar reflecting Fenders move from maple to rosewood "slab" fingerboards in 1959. We know that rosewood neck guitars were produced by Fender already in May 1959, maybe in preparation for the upcoming NAMM convention in New York 22-25 June, 1959.

By summer of 59 Fender also transitioned to 3-ply pickguards mounted with 11 screws. During the transition period some rosewood neck Stratocasters were released with hybrid outfits such as white single ply pickguard with 8,9 or 10 screws or 3-ply pickguards with only 8 mounting screws (Source: Duchossoir, "The Fender Stratocaster", page 62 or www.guitarhq.com/59strat.html).

This hardtail 1959 Stratocaster has the ultra-rare combination of a thick 8-hole single ply whiteguard and a rosewood slab neck.

This plus the pot date, serial number and appearance suggests the guitar might be one of those early birds, maybe even with a body painted with a custom color meant for NAMM or a prototype? Despite this, the guitar is priced as a refin item.     

The neck is something else, a very thin D-shape rosewood neck. Some say that Fender produced its finest necks during this peroid, if so this must be a prime example.

The owner had a change of tuners in 1991. The original inline Kluson set is now back in place.

Two of the tone pots were replaced with CTS.

That's it. The rest is original. Plays like butter and sounds amazing.

No artificial plastic whitening products have been used on this guitar.

1959 Fender Stratocaster Hardtail
Serial number: 38860
Weight: 6.8 lbs (3.1 kg)

Original 1959 hardware:

1 Butterfly string tree with spacer
6 Inline Kluson Deluxe, 'D-169400' and 'PATENT NO' on back
1 'Spagetti' Fender logo decal (gold letters with thin black outline)
1 'ORIGINAL Contour Body' decal   
1 Bone Nut (width: 1.65")
1 8-hole single layer white pickguard, 0.080" thick
1 12-hole Metal shielding plate with red 'KAISER' stamp
3 'black bottom' Pickups (bridge 5.84, mid 6.36, neck 5.92)
1 Stackpole volume pot 250K, dated week 20, 1959
1 3-way switch CLR 1452, three patent numbers
1 Hardtail bridge, 'Fender Pat. Pend.' saddles
1 Output jack and plate
1 Neck shim


- Slab fingerboard neck
- Straight blonde maple
- Dark Brazilian rosewood
- Thin "D" backshape
- Thickness: 1st fret: .80", 12th fret: 0.96"     
- Nut width: 1.65"
- 21st fret width: 2.196"
- 7.25" radius
- Original finish
- Clay dots
- No pencil date
- Tooling holes, betwen D and G string Kluson tuners and on neck butt


Hard tail
Deep back contour
Pre-1980 refin
Aged gold finish over what look like a coat of nitro Daphne Blue.

Replaced original hardware:

2 of the Stackpole tone pots - replaced with CTS
1 0.1 mfr capacitor - replaced with 0.022 mfr
6 tuner bushings - due to a tuner change to Sperzel in 1991 replaced with Kluson replacement bushings
1981 Refret
Small rout in control cavity
Original Case - the guitar will be shipped in a Fender "Chainsaw" molded Stratocaster case.

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