Fender / Stratocaster 1959 Journey Man Relic By C.W. Fleming / 2020 / LAC / Guitar

Take it from the top


  • Bodywood : GTR & BASS Alder
  • Body Style : 56' Strat
  • Neck Pickup : HW TOMATILLO NK/MID CC
  • Middle Pickup : HW TOMATILLO RWRP CC
  • Bridge Pickup : HW TOMATILLO BRG CC
  • Control: Strat Vint Mod Wiring #2 REL
  • Body Finish: LAC
  • Color Option : Faded Aged
  • Top Color: Shoreline Gold
  • Neck Shape: 59 Esquire "C"
  • Neck Finish: MED_Tint NCL

Shop Fender - Stratocaster 1959 Journey Man Relic (NAMM 2019) by C.W. Fleming now at Art of Guitar online, or drop in to the Art of Guitar store in Dubai today to try one out for yourself.

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Art of Guitar, the largest retailer of Fine, Rare and Vintage guitars is undoubtedly the premier guitar store in the Middle East - boasting an unrivalled collection of rare and vintage guitars, amplifiers, pedals and vintage and modern Guitar Art. Located in the heart of Dubai's Art District, our expert consultants will help you discover your dream guitar in a unique and inviting, specially configured, environment. 



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