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1965 Fender Stratocaster Sunburst vintage guitar for sale

This guitar is in good condition, rating at 6.5 out of 10. It was made in Fullerton, CA, USA, and weighs approximately 3.7kg (about 8.15 lbs). The frets are worn and have become flat over time. According to the previous owner, the guitar was purchased and used in the Swedish town of Gävle in the early 1980s.

This early 1965 model exhibits some pre-CBS specifications, such as the green pickguard. However, it also features the transition logo and pearl dots on the fingerboard. It has a single string tree and the back plate has one broken corner, while another corner has been rounded off with a filled screw hole.

With the exception of the 5-way switch, which has a diamond logo and a white round center wheel (post-1977), all parts on the guitar are original. The double-line Kluson tuners are intact, though the E1 and E6 tuners are slightly bent. The sides of the body show normal wear from the screws in the Järna case, a common characteristic found on many guitars sold in Sweden.

The guitar has a nice and deep belly cut, and the neck stamp indicates it was manufactured in February 1965 (FEB65B). There are two cracks in the pickguard around the neck pickup due to shrinking, and the tip of the pickguard is broken off. The correct aluminum shield is present, and the rosewood fingerboard has a lively appearance.

Inside the neck pickup cavity, there is a piece of masking tape signed by TV 15 with the original lacquer applied over it. Additionally, the body and back cavity have the letter "S" written in pencil, possibly indicating Sunburst or Special. The three grey bottom pickups are signed by VC and dated 4-19-65, while the bridge pickup appears to read "IW." The pickup readings measure 6.33kOhm (bridge), 5.85kOhm (middle), and 5.83kOhm (neck).

All three pots are dated 1376505. The guitar comes with an original Swedish Järna hard case supplied by Swedish distributor Hagström, although the handle has been replaced.

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Oscar Guitars, Sweden  

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Oscar Björklund
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Oscar Guitars is today Sweden's largest specialist guitar store with a focus on vintage and used string instruments, pedals and amplifiers. In the store there is a constantly changing exhibition of stringed instruments from all ages and manufacturers, some call it a museum where everything is for sale. 

The store is based on a vision that began full-time in 1997 and today, 25 years later, we are one of the the most famous vintage guitar shops in Northern Europe.  


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