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Fender / Super - Brown Panel / 1959 / Brown Tolex / Amp For Sale

1959 Fender Super in excellent condition. This is one of the very first Brown Panel-era Fender Supers off the assembly line, and exceedingly rare, with serial number 00004, and date codes from 1959 when Tweed Supers were still being produced. The amp was recently serviced and a full report is included. The chassis has had a cap job, and the so-called "death cap" was removed but all the original transformers are intact. A non-original slipcover is included as is a 300V step-down transformer. 


These very early pre-production models never had a tube chart and were made as salesman’s samples so they could introduce the new look range of brown face amps to the nation’s music stores. The first production models were issued in 1960 and fairly quickly changed to a 6G4 circuit with less of a ‘tweedy’ sound.


It has a 5G4 circuit and features stock pinkish brown tolex and a centrally located Volume knob seen on the very first Brown panel amps, as well as "Pulse Adjust" on the rear panel for a feature Fender intended to include but opted out of in pre-production after the plates had already been printed. Being a direct descendant of the Tweed era Super amp, this Brown Panel example is notable for being one of the few Supers to retain the same Triad transformers which were central to Fender Tweed amps. This amp has a surprising amount of headroom and is incredibly touch-sensitive and dynamic. The Super boasts hi-fi clarity and sparkling, robust clean tones. When you start to increase the volume past around 5 you get a thick, chewy overdrive. This is the most compact Brown Panel-era amp to feature the "Harmonic Vibrato" circuit, which is a true pitch-shifting vibrato and not the tremolo found on most Fender amps.


The circuit retains all its original transformers with the Triad Mains and output transformers and choke. The amp is fitted with the original pair of re-coned vintage Jensen P10R speakers with 1959 codes, clean dark green/blue frames and original magnet bells with Jensen foil stickers. The amp retains its original pinkish-brown tolex, and the cabinet also has the more severe edge above the faceplate seen on the earliest Brown Panel amps. The original baffle grille is in perfect condition and is again unique in being the tweed-era grille cloth fitted on these very early pre-production amps. The clean faceplate retains a full set of vintage brown barrel knobs, and the plastic handle is original and intact along with the original flat Fender logo, sphinx glides (feet), chassis straps and footswitch. The tubes are a mixture of GE Electric, RCA and Mullard. 

Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars Ltd, UK  

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Andy Baxter
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Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars has established a name as the best place to shop for vintage basses in the UK. We're also getting a name for ourselves stocking fine vintage 6 string electric & acoustic guitars. All instruments are thoroughly checked over and set up before sale. We offer free setups for the first year after purchase. 

As a reputable and knowledgeable dealer, we offer the complete variety of brands, including Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, Music Man, Hofner, and Vox. Vintage bass guitars with a high degree of character and investment value are our specialty. We work with musicians, collectors and dealers around the globe, and offer quick delivery worldwide.

Have a look at the website often, as our inventory changes regularly. Chances are, you’ll find what you need. If you don’t, contact us and using our guitar-finding service we will track down your heart’s desire.


What next...

If you are happy to buy over the internet, I will send you as much information about the bass guitar you're interested in as I can, and if you require more high resolution photos dont hesitate to ask.

You can always make an appointment with me and come and try some of the Bass guitars out first. I will consider part exchange, if it makes your desired bass a little easier to afford.

Payment Options

UK & International Customers

  • Credit/Debit Card  
  • Cash
  • Certified check / bank check
  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Payment by instalments

Installments / Layaway policy / Deposits 

Payments are to be made on the dates agreed. If the customer fails to do so or pulls out of an agreed deal after 1 month has elapsed from the date of the first payment, 10% of the agreed sale price is non refundable. A further 10% will be added each consecutive month thereafter. Within the first month a 5% fee is applied. Andy Baxter Bass has the right to withdraw from any agreement and re list the item if payments are not made on the agreed dates.  A 10% non refundable deposit will hold any guitar for 30 days. With installment / layaway / deposit agreements all sales are final, no returns, no refunds and no exceptions. 

VAT/Duty/Customs Charges

Payable by consignee upon receipt of goods. We are not responsible for VAT, duty or customs charges.


Shipping costs are in addition to the cost of your guitars or merchandise. ( unless otherwise stated) If you prefer, you can arrange shipping via your own preferred carrier. Shipping charges paid by Andy Baxter Bass & Guitars Ltd are non-refundable.


Merchandise is sold as is. Please ask all questions, view all pictures etc, before purchasing. We do not negotiate price after the sale. No exceptions. Just the same, if you find out that the guitar or gear doesn’t work for you, you can return it within 48 hours. Please call or email for return authorization before shipping any merchandise back. Returned merchandise must be shipped fully insured at the customer’s cost and in it’s original condition. Upon receipt of the merchandise, a refund (less shipping and any other applicable fees) will be issued within 48 hours, subject to a 5% restocking fee.  The restocking fees will be waived if the instrument is damaged. ALL dealers will be charged restocking fee on returns for any reason due the the common practice of reselling. Special orders are not returnable. Amplification sent overseas is not returnable under any circumstaces unless damaged upon arrival.

International Returns 

Email or call for return authorization and instructions on where and how to ship the merchandise. 


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