Fender ® / TELECASTER STANDARD MADE IN USA WITH BIGSBY / 2003 / Sunburst / Guitar


Only one owner and with Bigsby! Its a very good opportunity!


- Alder or Ash body
- Maple neck and fingerboard with 22 medium jumbo frets
- Two Fender USA single pickups
- Perloid pickguard
- Bigsby assembled by luthier

In very good condition, near new. It only has a little ding and perhaps some little imperfections that they are very difficult to see.

Fender Brown Deluxe Case, the same of Stevie Ray Vaughan Signature, for example, and original papers

Instrument sold

Kitarshokak, Spain  

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KITARSHOKAK is the brainchild of Aitor Sologaistoa, a musician who played in different style music bands (thrash metal, heavy metal, folk-fussion, pop-rock…) and who is currently interested in blues and old rock.

Aitor and KITARSHOKAK are based in Eibar, a small city in the Basque Country, in the North of Spain, which has a large industrial tradition. The Basque Country is well known both for its beautiful landscapes, the sea, the mountains, and for an awesome old culinary tradition full of affection. The Basque language is one of oldest languages in Europe and our name, KITARSHOKAK, is also a play on words in our language! Basque people are characterized by their seriousness and commitment and we are really proud of our own history.

The idea is to offer musicians an integral service, not only to be a mere shop. KITARSHOKAK offers these services:

-       Sale-Buy-Trade shop: we can help you to find the gear you are looking for or to sell the gear you are interested in. We can assist in your purchases, we can also buy gear for our clients, arrange specific trades, intermediary assigments between buyer and seller (a safe way form to buy)… These are some important tips we can give you: don’t waste your precious time, choose the best option, invest your money wisely, and many more!

-       Rent&Demo of vintage and classic gear. You have the opportunity to play or to have an enjoy-learning session in our showroom studio with our Vintage Gear Tour option or just rent it for your recordings or live performances. Ask us our updated gear list. You will learn to buy if you trust us and our philosophy.

-       Studio Recording: record, mix, master, reamp, kemper profiles, production, arrangements…are up to you! (gear is the same of Rent&Demo vintage/classic gear)

-       We are open to your requests: new ideas, proposals…

Our gear has been and is compared and it is definitely the best for our ears so far. You’ll have the best in your hands! ‘Picking the winners’ is our option in the majority of cases.

If you have planned to come over, we are ready to organize an engaging tour for you, including a guide to live concerts, fine old traditional meal visits, tourist circuits and, of course, our Vintage Gear Tour!). Feel free to ask!

With regard to myself, I am a musician and I have my own project, Nineu (‘Me myself’, in Basque language). Nowadays, I’m finishing my acoustic recordings and I’m looking forward to doing live concerts in the coming months.

Hoping you like this idea and the products we offer will grip you, have my warmest regards. I’ll see you around!



“Life is too short to be lived and enjoyed without music”


ACCEPTED TRADES (The value for this material will be considered under of 20% of resell value):

- Gear to resell

- Gear that we want:


- Gear that our customers asked us to buy:


Note: for trades, in first we must catch and then we will send our gear


  Send message to: Kitarshokak, Spain