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Fender / Tweed Deluxe 5E3 / 1960 / Tweed / Amp


Here i present an original 1960 Fender Deluxe Tweed 5E3 model in almost mint condition!
This amplifier was made in Fullerton, California in 1960.

This amp was bought by me a year ago at Guitar Hunter in Denmark


***Please do not compare this to other "look alike models" with changes speaker/trafo/re´tweed new cabinet ect - with lower price ect!!!***

This is a great-sounding and superbly well-preserved example of the final “golden era” tweed Fender Deluxe, often considered the most desirable version of this long-running model and one of the finest small combo amps ever designed. It remains largely original with no major alterations, just some light wear and typical electronic maintenance to keep it running into the 21st Century. This was the last production year of this tweed classic.

This amp’s tweed covering is very well preserved overall, with some light fraying to the edges and corners mostly, and one small repair of a piece glued down on the lower back edge. The leather handle is original with some wear but still intact. There are a couple of stains on the top and side caused by the natural oils of the knots in the pine cabinet leeching into the tweed, something we are seeing more of lately. The faceplate shows only some very small corrosion spots and all stenciled graphics are completely intact. Internally there is some light typical maintenance work with replaced electrolytic caps, including two coupling caps. The original Yellow Astron caps still work perfectly after 60 years. The amp has been biased to spec. and a 3-prong grounded power cord added.

It retains the original Triad 6452-E power transformer and output transformer coded 606-010, and nothing in the circuit has been modified. The tubes are Rectifier: Sylvania 5Y3GT, Power: Audio Glass 6V6s GT Tung Sol, V2: Siemens 12AX7, V1: Amperex 12AY7. (NOS of course)

The original Jensen speaker has just (this september 2021) been reconed by danish amp tech Lars Vad and it sounds fantastic.  While visiting Lars Vad the Tweed amp recieved a full inspection and service and now ready for many years to come

This final 1960 version of the venerable 1950’s Deluxe sounds great just like it should and still looks very sharp; the epitome of tweed cool. Overall, this is in excellent+ condition.

– Serial number: D09235
– Tube chart & chassis date:  JD. Made in April 1960
– Speaker code date: 43rd week of 1959
– Pots code: 37 & 47th week of 1959

Instrument sold

Jakob Holm Guitars, Denmark  

Contact name:
Jakob holm
Fender Gibson Martin
English danish swedish
Opening hours:

Private collector/musician located in the heart of copenhagen

  Send message to: Jakob Holm Guitars, Denmark
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