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Fender USA / 1983 American Vintage ‘57 Precision Bass Mod. / 1983 / Bass

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Product Details

1957 -specifications with an impressive anodized pickguard

The world's first solid body electric bass "Precision". The first model change was to the transition to the Comfort Body in 1954 and the introduction of the Sunburst finish. After that, the model change in 1957 and 1962 will lead to the final completion type.

Model change in 1957, it is equipped with a split pickup. The small pickup of 1 "x 2", which has been inherited without changing now, is a set of two, and the 1, 2 string required and the 3rd and 4th strings are attached to the difference, and for one string. Two pole pieces are allocated. This will ensure that the movement of the strings with a large vibration can be caught, and the pickups of these two pairs will have a reverse -rolled magnet with a reverse roll, and the series wiring will give a humcant effect. It was a breakthrough that I got. It can be said that this pickup has almost completed the pre -vision base, and then changes in fine parts such as finish and pickguards, and the use of rosewood frets and how to fix it will end up in fact. I am.

The initial of the vintage series made in 1983, leases a highly completed 1957 model. Custom shops have not yet started, and are actually released as the highest model. The factory itself is also produced at the flaton factory, and it is a factory that has already disappeared. In addition, in the bass area, the famous "ART TECH" "Sugiura" has been set up, making it a refreshing sound in a good way. It is a pre -based base that can be used at the site where high -quality materials are highly accurate modified.

Body: Alder
Neck: Maple
Fingerboard: Maple
P.U: Sprit Coil Pickup (Exchange)
Control: 1VO 1TONE
Weight: 4.19kg
Nut Width: 44.3mm
Scale: 34 "Long Scale Neck
* Removed neck
* Pot, pickup exchange available

* Both the neck and electrical system have been maintained by our shop repairman
* The string height is set to about 1.7mm above 12F.
* Disassembled parts have been disassembled

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