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Formula B / Super Plexi V2 / 2019 / Horizontal Model / Effect For Sale

This pedal has been built with the JTM45 circuit in mind, replacing the tubes with Mosfets (unlike other pedals, using Opamps to emulate the tube sound)

Two standalone channels:

A = Overdive Plexi-Tone

B = Clean Boost

With a toggle switch, you can choose between: A on B or B on A. It's like having two pedals in one.



A: Overdive Plexi-Tone

Level = Sets the output level

Tone = Sets the tone, from whole closed to wide open

Gain = Sets the amount of the distortion, from light crunch to heavy saturated tone

B: Clean Boost Just a single knob, increase the volume without touching the tone "SPLIT"

toggle switch:

When the toggle is "A>B": With both effects ON, the overdrive is boosted (best when doing solos parts)

When the toggle is "B>A": With both effects ON, the signal is boosted and THEN it comes into the Overdrive. (best when you want to fatten your tone, and make it more touch sensitive)

The toggle switch is not operating when you use a single effect.

You can run the pedal with a standard DC 9v (negative tip) True bypass switching

Formula B, Italy  

Contact name:
Marco Bovelli
Formula B pedals
Italian & English
Handmade Effects Pedals
Opening hours:

Hand Made Effects Pedal

Formula B. are makers of fine hand made boutique guitar effects and other musical instrument pedals. Our range of guitar effects includes Fuzz - Distortion - Treble Boost - Overdrive


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