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Formula B / Trem Spring / 2019 / Effect For Sale

Trem-Spring contains two independent effects, usable separately or together:

Spring reverb + Tremolo like the effects on board an amplifier.


The FX ORDER lever can be used to invert the series of effects:

lever up: first the Tremolo inside the Reverber

lever down: first the Reverb that goes into the tremolo


Tremolo Section:

SPEED: controls the speed of the tremolo pulse

DEPTH: controls the depth / amount of the effect

Reverb Section:

DECAY: controls the decay / duration of the reverb

MIX: controls the amount of the effect by mixing the "clean" sound with the Reverb

Technical data:

Standard 9Vdc connector (standard BOSS type)

current draw: 65mA 

Dimensions WxDxH: 110x82x44

Formula B, Italy  

Contact name:
Marco Bovelli
Formula B pedals
Italian & English
Handmade Effects Pedals
Opening hours:

Hand Made Effects Pedal

Formula B. are makers of fine hand made boutique guitar effects and other musical instrument pedals. Our range of guitar effects includes Fuzz - Distortion - Treble Boost - Overdrive


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