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Formula B / Vintage Vibe Deluxe / Effect For Sale

Vintage-Vibe Deluxe
Our endless love for analog sound has led us to work on a legendary effect such as the "Vibe".
Used by tons of great guitar players since the late '60s, his particular chorus-vibrato sound can be heard in dozens of records, and has made history in albums such as The Dark Side Of The Moon.
Of course, our Vibe has a 100% analog circuit, and faithfully reproduces those tonal nuances. But we wanted to go further: we designed and built a custom made enclosure like the original from 60’s and pedalboard friendly

Dimensions are LxPxH mm 165x105x55 (like two boss pedals in series)
Volume Knob:
The pedal has a lot of volume in-fact the “flat” signal is when the volume knob is settled at noon.

CANCEL footswitch:
You can use it like a mid boost when press the “CANCEL” foot switch. This special feature turn off the inside Lamp so you can have the “sound” without modulation.

Chorus/Vibrato switch:
When this switch is set to Vibrato you don’t get phasing you get out of tune pitch-bend vibrato. While when is set on Chorus position you get the phasing sound. “The Fancy Phaser”

Intensity Knob:
controls the amount of effect (chorus and Vibrato) by increasing (clockwise) or decreasing (counter-clockwise). For faster speeds, increase the Intensity a bit.

Speed Knob:
(Unlabeled for aesthetic effect) we chose a knob like a fuse-holder. It controls the Rate of effects
When it is turned clockwise the speed is increase.

The pedal is true-bypass when you turn it ON The Red Light Comes ON


You may only use a 9 volt adapter STANDARD (2.1mm x 5.5mm sized connector ) configured Center Negative.

(Like BOSS tm)
IWarning! Do not use any voltage other than 9VDC. The Vintage Vibe pedal has a step-up circuit that converts the 9 volts up to 18 volts inside the pedal, using other than 9VDC will damage The Pedal.

Power Consumption 150mA

These Go To 11, Sweden  

Contact name:
Sebastian Nylund
Nik Huber, Suhr ; NOVO, Analog Man, King Tone etc.
Swedish & English
Boutique gear from all over the world
Opening hours:
mon - fri 11-18 sat 11-16

These Go to 11 is a passionate shop in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden that offers a unique service and special knowledge. We have an honest ambition to help you find your special voice and inspiration in a close relationship with the best manufacturers and designers.
Our almost unhealthy interest in everything that concerns sounds and tone have driven us to test almost every particle from picks to speaker cloth. We’ll help you to combine and match different gear to make Nigle Tufnel’s famous words come true: to make your sound one louder

Welcome to our shop for an experience! 



Sweden free shipping on all orders and 45 days right of return

*orders above 1000 sek, below is 69:- bigger stuff like amps 295 sek

EU Flat Rate €15 

and 45 days right of return

Shipping €15 below 5 kg

Free shipping on orders for more than 5000 sek or €550 

Additional fee for large goods:

  • 20 kg 350 sek or €34
  • 50 kg 500 sek or €48
  • 100 kg 700 sek or €67
  • 200 kg 1400 sek or €135




Shipping DHL Parcel Connect: 122 NOK up to 30 kg 

Big stuff like amps: 

  • 20 kg 395 sek
  • 50 kg 595 sek
  • 100 kg 895 sek
  • 200 kg 1595 sek


USA, Japan and Canada

non insured up to 2kg

0,5kg 11 USD (one MXR size pedal)

1 kg 21 USD

2 kg 30 USD

insured up to 1200 USD and 2kg

0,5kg 26 USD (one MXR size pedal)

1 kg 36 USD

2 kg 36 USD


Delivery terms

We will always try to ship your order within 1 business day from that you've made your order. Usually If you make your order before 12.00 AM GMT+1 we will ship it the same day. Orders placed on weekends and holidays will be shipped the next business day. If the order requires more packing concern (guitars or amps) we might need an extra day to ship it.

Please note! Due to an increased volume of orders during particular releases or holidays, the handling of your order may take up to two days. We are doing our best to get all orders out as soon as possible.

During Christmas DHL has a lot of parcels so it might take some extra days for your package to arrive.

Delivery time

  • Sweden: 1-3 work days
  • Europe: 3-8 work days
  • Rest of the world: 5-10 work days



We ship all orders within Sweden with DHL service point. You will be able to collect your package at your local DHL service point dealer.


All international orders are shipped with DHL parcel connect or express economy select depending on weight. They will deliver the package to the address that you've registred on your profile.

We are not able to deliver to post-office boxes.

Please note that custom and VAT fees may be added when importing goods from the European Union.

You can always track your order on the DHL main site. Notice that the package will be able to track about 24 hours from that your order has been shipped from us.

Unclaimed orders

If DHL can't deliver the package to you we will have to charge you 40 EUR or 50 USD for the shipping and handling back to us. Remember that you always can track your package on the DHL site when we have shipped your order so you can see where it is.


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