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Fuchs / Triple Drive Supreme - Begagnad / Amp For Sale

Based on the highly successful Overdrive Supreme™ SLX, (favorably reviewed in the February, 2005 Guitar Player Magazine), the Triple Drive Supreme (TDS) features three footswitch(able) channels of “clean”, “mean” & “scream”. Available in 50,100 and 150 watt versions, the TDS features a dedicated chime filled “California Clean Channel” with brite, deep, and rock/jazz switches, as well as mid and gain boosts. It's second and third channels are based on our successful Overdrive Supreme (ODS) clean and mean channels. The amp is controlled by a 6-way footswitch (included), which provides channel switching, as well as independent control of mid and gain boosts for both channels. An extra (separate) footswitch jack for the reverb on/off is also available, as is the artist footswitch option. The amp also features 4, 8 and 16 ohm outputs, a full-time all-tube buffered effects loop with series or parallel operation. Like the Overdrive Supreme, the effects loop features separate send and return level controls, a series/parallel switch and trim control to permit line or pedal level device interface. The loop inputs and outputs are “live” whether the loop is terminated or not. This means the send output may be used as a line out, and the return input may be used as a spare line level input for a keyboard, drum machine, or other signal input, at any time. The reverb features a spacious Accutronics long decay 6-spring reverb driven by a push-pull current drive amp and an ultra low noise return amp using bi-fet op-amp technology. Like the ODS, the Tripledrive™ features fan cooling, an aircraft grade T-6 aluminum chassis, individual tube bias adjusts and regulated B+ and DC preamp tube filaments for lowest noise and consistent performance despite line noise or variations. The TDS chassis (like all Fuchs products) is aircraft grade aluminum, our internal construction is mixed PC board and hard wired. A detachable IEC power cord is standard. By using single point grounding, a regulated and buffered high voltage preamp power supply, the amp is dead quiet and free of hum at all operating levels. Front Panel Features: Channel One: brite, deep, rock/jazz, high, mid, low, (with pull mid and gain boosts), (low control pulls for manual channel switch) Channel Two: brite, deep, rock/jazz, hig, mid, low, (with pull mid, and gain boosts), Channel Three: Overdrive input control (sets amount and sensitivy of distortion), Overdrive Out (sets level when overdrive is activated). OD out control pulls for manual overdrive activation. Master output section: Master volume (controls channels 2 and 3 only), accent, and reverb master. Rear Panel Features: IEC International standard power connector for detachable power cord. Fuse holder. AC Power, Standby, Ground polarity, power amp “Response” switch (adjusts output stage sag at high volumes). 4, 8 16 ohm ouputs, FX loop, send level control, send output jack, return level control return input jack, series/parallel switch, effects loop trim control (sets operating level of loop for pedal or line level devices). Footswitch Jacks: 6-pin XLR connector for remote control of mid and gain boosts (for each channel) as well as channel selection (standard). ¼” footswitch jack for reverb disconnect. Artist footswitch (optional), permits, global mute, fx loop bypass, and reverb bypass. Very high quality ¼” Cliff jacks are provided for the single guitar input and separate 4, 8 and 16 ohm outputs. Features: ¾” solid wood cabinet with durable tolex covering. Anodized aluminum chassis with long-lasting silk screened labeling on rear panel. Front panel is brushed aluminum and available in black or silver. Crème or black knobs are available. Heavy duty Cliff brand jacks. Solid metal shaft Alpha potentiometers. Ultra-long-life neon pilot lamp and heavy duty AC power, standby, and ground switches. Power stage features AC balance control, and separate bias controls for each power tube.  Tube compliment: 5 X 12AX7 preamp tubes, 4 X 6L6 tubes (100 Watt version) 4 X 6550 (150 Watt version) Power output: 50, 100 or 150 watts RMS into into 4, 8, or 16 ohms. Input Impedance -1 Meg. FX Loop: Output impedance 1-K. Signal; level up to 3 volts p/p Return impedance 100-K sensitivity from 250 mv to 3 volts p/p.

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