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GOAT / "BLUESERIES" STEREO CHORUS + AC Adaptor (USED) / 2022 / Effect For Sale

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Product Details

The famous Rockman chorus is revived by the compact pedal!

This is the second "STEREO CHORUS" following the "Generator" born from the concept of "compact and easily" is "Rockman's distortion sound compact and easily!"

Chorus equipped with analog BBD. With a sweet and soft sound, it goes well with the dystomed guitar. Please try it with "Generator".

The circuit of "ROCKNAN" was redesigned and assembled in a Japanese factory. This model series is completely supervised by TC Musical Instruments in the development of a new product that can overcome the weaknesses of the original circuit such as noise reduction and enjoy the Rockman (Rockman) sound simply!

The original machine was expensive, worried about maintenance and failure, and it was a rack type shape, so it could not fit on the effector board ... If you become a compact effector, feel free to carry it to the studio etc.!

It is a beautiful product with little usability.

● Sweep Speed: Adjusting the speed of fluctuation. Adjustable in the range of 0.25Hz to 1Hz.
● DEEP CHORUS: Add a d'va effect to the chorus and adjust the depth within the range of 20 msec to 40 msec (= original ON).
● Direct Mixer: You can select a 3 pattern of output method depending on the application.
● Wide Stereo: Chorus with stereo output creates a wide effect due to overlapping phase and reverse phase.
● Normal: You can experience the general stereo effect, monaural output is also possible. Good balance between depth and spread.
● Equal: Both stereo and monaural are possible. The stereo has a very fast Sweep Speed ​​and a shallow depth. In monaural, Sweep Speed ​​is a fast and deep chorus.

* When using the AC adapter, use the special GBL-DC1000. Generator adapter (BL-09) may not work properly.

Age: 2022

Accessories: Box, instruction manual (QR), AC adapter (GBL-DC1000)

In charge: Sano (Sano)

* The warranty period is one month from the date of purchase.

Please see the link below for the Blueseries project. /Blue-Series

[Purchase (trade -in) is now strengthening! ! ] We will buy all expensive products, such as current popular products, expensive boutiques, rare minor systems, etc.! If you are thinking about disposal right now, or if you are wondering about the assessed value of other stores, please contact our shop once!

Click here for Goat Blueseries

Sano updates! GOAT BLUESERIES Click here for the latest information

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