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Gibson / 1961 ES-175D / 1961 / Guitar

Fair condition, 5,5/10, the good news is that the guitar still has it s original finish on back and sides, and also a genuine PAF-pickup in the neck position and a Patent Sticker-humbucker in the bridge position (the patina on the brass screws on the bottom of the 2 pickups doesn t match so this probably came from a different guitar), but a lot of work has been done to it over the years; refinished top and back of neck/headstock, the serial is both ink stamped (original) and impressed (not original, probably from restoration), the guitar has a filled hole in the top and 2 holes under the bridge feet, lots of replaced parts; tuners (should be single line/double ring), truss rod cover (too thick black layer), pickup rings (no M69), the pickups height adjustment screws should be flat head, not philips and finally the bridge (should be gold posts, thumb wheels and bushings in the upper parts post holes), including modern Thomann hardcase
Instrument sold


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Oscar Björklund
Vintage guitars, amps and other stringed instruments
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M-F 12.00-18.00 Sat-Sun 12.00-16.00
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