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Gibson / 1966 J-50 / 1966 / Guitar For Sale

Welcome to TC Gakki! All photos are of the item for sale. Please note they are for sale in our store and may sell out. Thank you for looking! Feel free to ask any questions!

Product Details

Sophisticated vintage adjustable sound

Gibson / 1966 J-50

An individual from the narrow neck period has arrived.
Although it is a nut width of 40mm, this J-50 is a round and moderately thick neck.
In addition, its thickness will increase over the high position.
Both are characteristic shapes in 1966, which are very easy to grip,
It is also popular for those who use the so -called western grip that holds the code with the thumb.
One of those who wants those who shy away from the narrow neck to try it.

When it comes to 66 years, J-45 is used by Motohiro Hata, which is used,
In recent years, this 1966 J-50 has been reissued limited to Japan.

Another feature is Hakaran Dublidge using ceramic saddles.
Generally, it tends to be described as a crisp and jealous sound,
I think the bass ingredient is refreshing and rampaging.
This individual also got a similar sound impression when it arrives, but it has been finely adjusted in our shop, making it a rich and fresh tone in the late 1960s.
In a sense, I think it's not like a Gibson, but even with cord tones, there is a lot of sounds without breaking down, there are few sounds, and there are moderately Gibson -like rugged elements left, so it is a very easy -to -handle vintage sound. I think.

You will surely hear a surprising voice from the listeners, not only the players, but also from the listeners who have witnessed them.

The condition of the neck and Kibe is inspected and adjusted by an acoustic guitar professional, and all parts are good.
In addition, the neck is adjusted straight and has no vibration or clogged sound, and the string height on the 12th fret is set to the optimal state of mm on the 6 string side and the first string side.

TOP: Solid Spruce
Back/sides: mahogany
Fingerboard/Bridge: Brazilian Rosewood
Neck: Mahogany
Nut Width: 40.4mm
Scale: 628mm
Weight: 2.00kg
* 5 years premium adjustment guarantee
* All parts have been disassembled and cleaning

[Safe service when using mail order]
Please try it slowly in your home environment for 6 days after the product arrives.
Even if you do not need it, if you can contact us within the period, we will pay only the round -trip shipping fee, and we will refund the product price in full.
It is very popular for those who are difficult to visit the store, so I hope you can use it.

[Trading of instruments other than Akogi is also welcome]
Although it is an acoustic specialty store,
The group also offers expensive trade -in for electric guitars/electric bass/effectors/wind instruments.
If you have any instruments who are thinking about letting go, please contact us when choosing an acoustic guitar.

Please note that all items are for sale in our Tokyo store.
There is a chance they might be sold out. All items are shipped tracked and insured. All import duties or customs fees are the buyers responsibility - please be aware of the requirements for your country. If you have any questions please ask.

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