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Gibson / Hummingbird Cherry Sunburst / 1961 / Guitar For Sale

When introduced in 1960, the Hummingbird was Gibson's first square shoulder dreadnought, and after the J200 it was the second most expensive model in the catalog. After the success of the slope shoulder models, Gibson wanted to continue to compete with Martin, and therefore opted for a comparable model. This 1961 Hummingbird still shows all its flair in full glory! Gibson only produced 595 Hummingbirds in 1961, so seeing and playing one of these is a fascinating experience. The Hummingbird is known for its balanced yet powerful tone with a warm and mellow bass and sparkling highs, and this Hummingbird is a great representative of that reputation. It is a perfect studio guitar with that classic dry, but also dynamic, Gibson sound. The Cherry Sunburst finish has aged beautifully with its weather checking and playwear. There is a small crack on the top from the treble side of the neck to the sound hole, but this has been repaired. The guitar has also undergone a refret, and the nut and bridge saddle have been replaced. The guitar is otherwise original, and it is clear that this guitar has been well cared for. The guitar is currently playable and sounds really beautiful, but the guitar could benefit from a fretboard flattening and a new refret. However, this Hummingbird is how you would prefer to see and hear a vintage guitar: well played, with a life full of stories behind it, and ready for the future with a little love! Played by Berend Rombouts | Demo Gear: Ear Trumpet Labs Evelyn Stereo Microphone

The Fellowship Of Acoustics, Netherlands  

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The Fellowship of Acoustics
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I have always been opposed to being trapped into a job eight hours a day to purchase the free time to do what I enjoy. That’s why i started the Fellowship of Acoustics. The fellowship of acoustics was founded by Rudi Bults, Guitarist and obsessed with tone and wood. The idea was offering real expertise when trading and selling the finest instruments in the world from our showroom in Bergentheim, Netherlands. Helping others find the right tools and enjoying an atmosphere that’s unhurried, honest and informative that’s my go. We are nothing like the "supermarket" style music stores, but specialize in string-things only. We are widely known for Flattop guitars but also sell electric, mandolins & banjo’s, amps, parts, and accessories. Our store has earned the reputation for being a great place to shop for the best products and service.
It is our hope that this new website - much more than a list of "gear" for sale - will serve as an example of our commitment to offering a more personal approach, a friendly atmosphere, and an ultimately more satisfying experience for our friends and customers.
If you have any questions just dial +31-523-232205 or e-mail My name is Rudi Bults, and I’m always here to help out. Wherever possible, we would recommend that you visit our store and experience our instruments and service first hand. However, because of our high standards you can be confident of ordering online from us. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site, and welcome your feedback.


We do speak English, Dutch and German! Feel free to call in any of these languages and ask your questions! Call 0031-523-232205




We LOVE Guitars, and buy and trade for most stringed instruments. But we also do consignment, make appraisals for insurance or put you on our watch list. Please check the Buying & Trading page for details.
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1 year Guarantee on Used Guitars
5 years Guarantee on New guitars (or 'limited lifitime' if the Builder guarrantees such)

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