Gibson / Les Paul Custom / 1978 / Black / Guitar For Sale

What we have here is a perfect 1978 Gibson Les Paul Custom - All original !! We bought it from its original owner. Even the "chainsaw" case is original. 

The most important question you'll all have ... weight .. well .. it's quite light : 4.4 kg ! And believe me, that is light for a Norlin Era LP. 

If you want to buy a "light" vintage Gibson, this is the one ! If you think the price is way to high, go check a new Murphy Lab. This one is the real deal.

The guitar spent 30 hours on the workbench of my luthier, to make everything just perfect. The nitro finish had become very dull over the years, but with some buffing, the original beauty came back to life. 

No cracks or broken pieces. Only to tiny holes where drilled (back in the day), but where refilled, you can still see it but doesn't catch the eye. I believe those are traces of mounting a guitar-synth pickup ... yeah, I know, people did crazy shit to their guitars in the early eighties.

All pots are like new (untouched original from the guys in Kalamazoo). 

The pickups are killer !!! The neck pickup measures 7,81K and the bridge 7,88K.

Questions ? Feel free ! 

Low ball offers will be ignored -

MuziekHandel Oudenaarde, Belgium  

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