Gibson / Les Paul Delux / 1971 / Goldtop / Guitar

Gibson Les Paul 1971 Goldtop in mint condition. It is a rare finde to see this Fantastic 50 years old Les Paul Delux in a almost new looking condition. But here it is...... The Delux Goldtops where only made in a periode of about 5 years and therefor it's hard to finde this model in good playable condition, so here is your change. 

We at Ventura Guitars got this one from the original owner that bought the guitar i the early 70' and keept it safe at home in all these years. There is almost no nicks or marks on body and the neck is total clean. Not even belt-marks on the back... it is realy as clean as they get. All is Original except the two Bare Knuckle Stormy Monday PAF pickups that has replased the mini humbuckers. The replacement makes sense for everybody that hears this Les Paul and if we may say, was the mini humbuckers the only weak spot the Delux models had. So let's talk about the sound from these great handwound pickups. The brigde pickup has a bell like and clear tone that almost saws it's way trough the speaker when you add your driver pedal. The neck pickup has the deepth and midrange you only wish for and has the late 50' models vintage vibe and tone. Great punch and good power with lot's of dynamic feel.

The neck is perhaps the best part...and has the slimmer 60' profile and is realy fast to get around. Bends seems easy and there is a minimum of fret wear. (See our photos from the back of the neck and frets)

This guitar has it's original hardcase.


Instrument sold

Ventura Guitars, Denmark  

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Rasmus Engeborg
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