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This is a sample guitar that has been extremley well looked after by Gijs he has now decided to put up for sale , can be built again for around Euro 7500.


The one for sale has the the Red sinkerwood top.


In 2015 I built a very special traveller archtop for Jesse van Ruller , actually I built 2 sister instruments simultaniously because I wanted a duplicat of that unique guitar for myself. The Pau Ferro necks of both guitars come from the same billet, the figured Curupixa sides and backs come from the same billet, only the tops differ; Jesse's has a German Spruce top, mine has a flamed Sinker Redwood top. While working on both, I asked Jesse which one of those 2 he'd like.. His answer was remarkable; ' I don't want people to be distracted from the music because of a fancy looking guitar, so I'll go for the spruce' !


The Spec.

All solid woods,

laminated/bent sides, arched sinker

Redwood top ,

flat Curupixa back & sides ,

Pau Ferro neck with spanish cedar core,

Indian Rosewood headstock with spanish cedar core,

Madagascar Rosewood fretboard, 24,75" scale, 42 mm width at nut, 12" fretboard radius,

Sperzel locking tuners,

Bare Knuckles stormy monday humbuckers,

Graphtech bridge,

handmade quick release tailpiece, nitro finish.

The guitar has a woody lively powerful tone, unamplified, with incredible string separation and sustain.


This is a commission sale the guitar resides in Europe, UK  

Contact name:
Dusty Miller
Theo Scharpach ,Grez, Fibonacci, , Harden Engineering, , Guillame Rancourt , Juha Ruokangas, Brua, Roderick Octigan,
Archtop and custom build specialists
Opening hours:
8am to 8pm

The site and business is built around high-quality instruments and hardware at affordable prices.

All the instruments are hand built and finished some sourced in the UK , Europe and the US and Canada.

Some are stock items and some built to order, only two of the makers giving one year due to full order books.


Please contact me for further details


  Send message to:, UK
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