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Gretsch / 6120 W / 2013 / Guitar For Sale

Western model 6120W Nashville   Pre-1997 Fender Hollow Body   Bridge Adjusto-Matic ™ bridge floating Roller   Bigsby vibrato tailpiece ® B6G   Maple body, laminated maple for the table. F holes   Dual High Sensitive humbucker Filter'Tron ™   Grover ® Rotomatic ® Gretsch logo  

Woodstore, France  

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feminine name (Spanish guitarra, Greek kithara, lyre)

The guitar is a plucked string instrument played with the fingers or a plectrum (or mediator). Its strings, six in number in most cases, are connected to the bridge are approximately parallel to the soundboard. Its handle is usually cut frets on which supports the strings to produce different notes. This is the European version of the most common category of organological lute-box handle.

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