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Who We Are

Jon Baldachin - Chairman

A keen electric guitar-player since leaving school in 1968, Jon has been playing in bands for most of his adult life. Since coming to the UK in 1975, he’s been a long-time customer of the Denmark Street shops and has known the old Andy's Guitar Shop and its staff for many years.

Jon's professional career has been in the computer and digital media industry and he’s been part of senior management teams within start-up and established technology-led companies for more than 20 years. He currently splits his time between being a director of several companies and supporting a small number of SMEs as an accredited Business Advisor.

As a senior executive, he has also taken part in an AIM flotation, preparations for a major IPO simultaneously on NASDAQ and London Stock Exchanges, funding rounds from Venture Capital and Institutional investment and company trade sales and acquisitions.


Jon Moon - Commercial Director

Jon has been playing in bands since he was 16 in both the UK and US. He's a keen musician and is still writing and playing. His band history includes Enigma, Spongzester, Shrinking Men, The Dirty Riffs and House Special and he’s currently working with Project XT on writing new material to take on the road.

Jon's professional career has been in the chemical industry and business consulting - having spent 10 years working on global supply chain design for Dow Chemical Company and 10 years with Ernst & Young in London, working in audit, risk management and business advisory services. He currently provides business advisory services to small and medium sized companies and conducts research into music technology.

Jon has an MBA and a PhD in web-based business models, their quality and economics


Kieron Deane - Manager

Kieron’s late father was a Country artist and had been playing guitar for some 41 years. He got Kieron started playing guitar at 9 but he never really took to it. However, he did pick it up again at the age of 12.  Though mostly self-taught, Kieron has had some private tuition and studied Music at GCSE and Music technology at A-Level. He currently plays mostly in the Rock/Metal genre but dabbles in country/western and is currently lead guitarist in a band.


Kieron started in the business with work experience at Andy’s Guitar Shop for 2 weeks when he was 14, and continued weekends until he left college after his first year and started part-time work at Andy’s. While there he built up a considerable knowledge of guitars, reading books on different guitar makers at Andy’s and generally picking it up as he went along.

Kieron now spends most of his free time playing and writing music, spending time with the band, or on the internet looking up something or other related to musical instruments, bands, or music composition.


Graham Noden - Instrument Workshop

Graham started his career in guitar repairing and building in 1971 when he studied Guitar making at the London College of Furniture until 1974. While studying, he started repairing guitars for a living in 1972.

After leaving College, he opened his first workshop in Uxbridge which lasted from 1974 to 1983. In 1983 he moved into the basement of Andy’s Guitar Shop, Denmark Street, in the employment of Andy Preston and later took over the workshop as his own business in 1988.

Graham has worked with many artists over the years, from Clapton to McCartney, Beck to Berry and with hundreds of bands in between. He is still running his workshop in the basement of 27 Denmark Street to this day, repairing and making guitars for a list of modern day artists such as Coldplay and The Klaxons.



Mikhail Popov - Amplifier Workshop

Mikhail studied electronics in college from 2000 to 2003. While studying, he worked in a repair shop fixing TV’s, radios and other household electronics.

He started working for Andy’s Guitar shop in 2004, repairing amplifiers, working with bands such as ‘The Kooks’, ‘The Holloways’ and ‘Mr Hudson and The Library’ and many bands in between. He worked there until Andy’s Guitar Shop Closed in May 2007.

Mikhail can still be found repairing amplifiers on the top floor of 27 Denmark Street.


About Us

Here at we provide a uniquely honest and professional resource for quality second-hand, vintage and collectable instruments. With over 30 years of unparalleled expertise and experience in guitar collecting, valuing and repairing right at your fingertips, our online experts, guitar professionals and some of the most skilled former staff of the original legendary Andy’s Guitar Shop in London’s Denmark Street gurantee that any instrument, amp or accessory you buy from us will not only last, but will be right for your own personal needs and playing style.

No Risk To Buy...No Cost To Sell... We don’t believe that buying and selling guitars online should be a lottery. That’s why with every instrument or accessory we offer, what we see is precisely what you get. We guarantee that what we sell is genuine and authenticated or we will tell you precisely what, if any, changes or modifications have been made to the original manufacturer’s specification. No instrument is despatched until we have made sure it’s in full working order, properly set up and comfortably playable. We can even set it up to match your own personal style of playing. Since we also verify and authenticate instruments for all the top auction houses, you can be assured that what we see, we guarantee. Personal Service Backed Up By A Solid Reputation... We have a well-deserved reputation for serving all the major music stars from 1970 to 2007. You name them, we’ve worked with them. Why? Our workshop has been known for years as one of the best in the world. In fact, we probably know more about guitars than anyone except the actual makers. And when you buy an instrument from us, we share our opinion on every item we offer. While we may be an online business, every transaction, whether you’re a buyer or a seller, is backed up by telephone and personal contact to ensure that you are always 100% satisfied. If you’ve bought from us, you know that your instrument will retain, or even increase, its value. And because our expert certification counts, you can be assured that you will always be able to sell the instrument again if you so desire. We Find Guitars... Whether you are a professional, an aspiring amateur or an avid collector, make us your first port of call when you’re thinking about buying or selling a guitar or amplifier. And don’t part-exchange that classic or collectable that may be lurking under the bed. Bring it to us for a valuation and sell it for cash. You may not know what you’ve got. But you can be sure that we will. And if there’s a particular model, year or edition that you’re looking for, just ask us. Whatever you’re looking for, from the rare to the ridiculous, we can probably find what you’ve got in mind. Convenience, Security And Personal Service... Playing guitar is a personal experience and we believe that buying or selling a guitar should be personalised as well. That’s why our online service is designed to be easy, convenient, personalised and secure. We also offer free advice and have access to a wide range of owners, off-market dealers, collectors, musicians and trade suppliers to enable us to help you find any elusive item or particular treasure you may be seeking.

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